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    Yes - Canada geese are gorgeous, and their SIZE is amazing. We do have them all over - they are frequently in any little body of water. I love them so much that when there is a way to be a bit close in my car, I just pull over and watch.


      i will say hi to anyone i may have missed in the cat discussion. have any of you seen a blue bunting, i believe i have that right. i have only seen a few. but they are beautiful.. a blue teal like color. i use to be able to put out humming bird food. saome still occasionally come to the window if they see me at kitchen winsdow. i cannot do that anymore. i use to stand a little over 5 foot 8 inches. aince my bad back and scolosisz last time they measured me i stood baRELY 5 FT. 4 inches. i doubt if i could stand upright that much now. all my tall cabinets now are way to high. b ut i cAn sit ND LOOK OUT OF MY windows for awhile andenjoy seeing any birdx now even if i cant feed them. i felt awful during the ice recedntly. but i waould notr evewn dxarew tro try AND THROUGH OUT birdx szeeds if i haDS aNY. HOPE to make it bAck soon. timr to zstop for now. take care


        I've seen a blue bunting just a couple times in my life. But I feed blue birds all the time. I spend too much money on the meal worms they love so much. And my meal worm feeder is just a few inches from my living room window, so I get very good looks at them. My cats love sitting at that window and watching all the birds. They are also thrilled to watch the little cottontail that comes in once in a while.
        Today is my precious trip to the local pain clinic. I've been going there every 6 months for a long, long time and it has always worked except for one time. Wish me luck.


          Would a blue bunting be the same as an indigo bunting? I may have glimpsed one once when I was very young. I recall my mother almost jumping up and down because she said she'd spotted one. I'm not sure that I actually caught a glimpse of it but she did.

          Cats are really excellent bird-watchers but then they think of birds as tasty. Or maybe they're just programmed to go after things that move.
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            Here's the indigo bunting, mostly seen in the eastern part of the USA..


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              Isn't that a beautiful blue! No wonder my mother was so thrilled. She behaved as if this was a huge moment in her life. At the time we were in Arkansas and so maybe it was really unusual there.

            And the eastern bluebird I find so precious ....


              And my much loved. aggressive mockingbird.


                The pond behind my house always has Canadian Geese, some ducks and maybe a couple Egrets or other birds. We get a lot of Red-Winged Black Birds in the tall grasses. My mother's favorite bird was the Blue Bird the last two or three years here there were a pair, male and female and she would rejoice every time she saw them. Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...I see them once in a while and of course we get quite a few hummingbirds.

                I still haven't seen the psych for my TMS but have an appt on the 16th and hopefully we can start the week after. I am praying I get some relief. They have also had success with smoking cessation and dyskinesia though they use TMS the target in the brain is different.

                My van is still down, I am absolutely devastated about it. I don't even have the money to get it diagnosed. I know it is something to do with the transmission and hopefully it is just a seal that needs replacing but I have no way of knowing. I have been without a steady vehicle for years now. I have one then it breaks down, I get another and it broke down. Now my van. I haven't been out of the house except for doc appts by medical transport in over two years. I am super depressed.

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                  Yes that is what I see at Lake Nortfork usually, the beautiful blue bunting. and only once in my neighborhood way back when i was outside walking every day.
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                    joy, that wouldn't be Lake Norfork in Arkansas, would it? I heard it mentioned often when I was a child and lived not far from Mountain Home--and probably was there at least once but unfortunately don't recall it.

                    Chris, it must be very hard to get used to losing your transportation, and COVID has made everything more complicated everywhere. I don't know if it's any comfort to realize that there are lots of people suffering from the same pandemic fatigue or whatever it's called.

                    I have a way of finding something around my apartment that needs improvement or change and then figuring out a way to make that possible. Thinking about a new bedframe to replace one that is over 40 years old and has lost a few of its parts, for instance, or just dealing with houseplants by trying to make them happier. I find that these little project cheer me up but what works for me might not work for others.
                    SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


                      ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

                      Every morning around dawn, Canadian geese fly over my home, honking away! They always bring a smile and a laugh for me. I wonder what they are saying to each other.

                      Many birds use Michael's waterfall/pond for drinks and baths. Hummingbirds, rufus sparrows, hawks, egrets (those two are infrequent), pigeons, bluebirds, orioles. We always delighted in watching them.

                      Chris ~

                      Just a thought about your car ... What might happen, if you call a local high school and speak to the teacher of the auto mechanics shop? And/or, are you near a trade school, where auto mechanics is taught? The worst thing they could say is that they can't help you. But, maybe they could! Or they might refer you to someone, who could help you. You won't know, unless you try.

                      I am praying that you start TMS soon and that it brings you all the relief you need. Who knows? Maybe you will be well enough to stop smoking on your own.

                      Prayers, and positive, healing energy to everyone ~

                      Love & Light,



                      Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


                        Originally posted by jingle View Post
                        Yes - Canada geese are gorgeous, and their SIZE is amazing. We do have them all over - they are frequently in any little body of water. I love them so much that when there is a way to be a bit close in my car, I just pull over and watch.
                        i guess so


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                            Hey all, good to see you Clouds. Lovely song. I hope you are starting to enjoy some warmer weather.

                            up in the 60s yesterday and today. I made myself go out and do a couple of things. Not much, my pain keeps me from too much. Stood outside waiting for medical transport yesterday at the doc so my knees are a bit torn up. Doc says my left knee is worse than my right even though the right is where I had my surgery. They have become so weak and I have lost muscle mass in my thighs that I am going to ask for physical therapy to see if I can strengthen them up. It is reaching a point where I have difficulty standing, once the joints are lubed up it is a bit better but then my back kicks in so I am back down.

                            Still waiting to hear from my new insurance for authorization to start TMS, they have sent in my information so just waiting for the okay. I got a tour of the machine and was shown the different parts of the brain that are treated for particular things. Anxiety and addiction are the right side of the brain, depression is left, pain is a horizontal strip across the top of the brain. very interesting.

                            I finally saw my therapist yesterday, she and I have been together for about 15 years. We were both happy to see each other. I enjoy talking with her. We have almost three years of stuff to catch up on. Honestly not much has happened lol. I don't know just how much I get out of therapy. I always feel a bit of relief when I am leaving there but then I get home and it's the same old thing. Every session she commiserates with my trials and issues but then as we talk she winds up praising me for knowing what I need to do and having the skills to get what I want to achieve. Yeah, sure I know exactly what to do. I just can't find the motivation to do anything.

                            Right now I have told myself that I am going to try to go up and down the basement stairs once a day to try to get that strength back up. It also helps me get a handle on the tons of laundry down there. My railing broke on me one day months ago so laundry has been Jared's doing once in a while and that is just so we have clothes to put on. I fixed it about a week and a half ago and crawling up and down the stairs to do it and going up and down put my knees out of commission for about a week.

                            Also I want to get outside once a day weather permitting. I have to try to get my patio back together so guess that doing one thing on the patio a day will be another reachable goal. I would like to get the catio back up and running. I have like three panels that need to be screened before I can let the cats out there. And our Belladonna has figured out how to push her big head out the screen door at the bottom corner so reinforcements need to go up there.

                            My main goal out there is to get my swing set up so I can go out there and chill. That's all I want is a place to chill. My therapist remembered when I had Queensland set up out in my little copse. Long gone but she mentioned that since I can't have a she shed that I can make the patio my haven. I find that an acceptable idea.

                            Guess that is enough, for now, I hope everyone is getting some spring.


                              hello Happy easter