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      Originally posted by clouds z
      Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register... did you all die of the vaccine? no one comes here now
      Still Alive and actively kicking lol Not yet vaccinated, but planning to do so. How about you?


        hello too tired to read things


          Hi Clouds, currently unvaccinated but hoping to get the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine though I am sure I will not have a choice. I figure J&J had a lot more time to figure things out and see how the others are doing. I am not looking forward to the sides but I may get lucky and not have any.

          Things are going the same here, still rescuing kitties. Have yet to clean off my catio. Queen Belladonna pushed her way through a corner of the screened door and got outside so they are banned to the indoors until I get some repairs made again. It's a hot mess out there too.

          I have not even been out to the yard to see how things are. I know I have trees down in my little bit of woods. Those need to be cut up and be put in the woodpile. Brandon wants to get my chainsaw out and see if it works. It is brand new so I know it works but I don't trust it since it got repaired. Scares me just the thought of handling one. And having my accident-prone son using it is scary LOL. We had to tear down the little shed my grandfather built. It was coming apart. Brandon was able to easily dismantle it. I had hoped that the bones were good but there was some wood rot so it had to go. Along with my compost bin. CJ and I built that ten years ago and it served it's purpose, gave me some beautiful fertile dirt but it was made out of pallets and those fall apart so that has mostly come down. All to the burn pile.

          My ex-MIL had a stroke a couple of nights ago. I feel for the woman despite our differences. I know she is a strong independent woman and absolutely despises the medical community and how everybody talks to her like she is a baby. She has lost her right side movement though is it very slowly coming back already. Brandon lives with her so he found her. He has been at the hospital with her every day. Her own sons have not even seen her yet. One lives in Georgia and intends on coming up eventually and the other is super paranoid and is using the pandemic as an excuse not to see his mother. All because she is in a hospital. I pray she gets her faculties back or she will wind up in a senior/rehabilitative care facility long term.

          So of course one of the docs told Brandon that smoking is the leading cause of stroke so he is on a mission to have both of us quit smoking. He already sees the difficulties I am having with my asthma and I have started coughing at night. So yes, it is time. I am getting a lung scan when I get my mammogram this month.

          Jared has been put on a beta-blocker because his blood pressure is so high. He is only 20. His blood pressure has been high. He weighs near 300 pounds, he has a big frame so while he is big it doesn't look like he weighs that much. I have stopped buying so much junk food and pop. I have also put on 40 pounds this last year. Neither one of us is active. He even less than me. He has been trying to move more and get up and walk around, visit other parts of the house lol. I have failed him by letting him sit in that room and play on that computer for all these years. I may have killed him. I have to live with that. I have not been a good example and have been an accomplice in his health problems.

          Well, that all went dark for a moment there. Rose my house is still a hot mess. My bedroom is the worst and the bathroom, well let's just say I would deter anyone but us from seeing it. I can't get the rust stains off of my shower walls. I used a toilet bowl cleaner one time that worked awesomely but I don't know what brand it was and so far I am having no luck repeating the process. My water is horrible.

          Jared bought me a couple Diamond Painting kits for my birthday, I love them. I missed crafting so much. My room has been turned over to cats, which I have two right now. Here is a link if anyone is interested. Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register... I have three canvasses. I just listen to the radio or audible books while I am doing it.

          Well that is all for now. I have been on an even keel mentally. The raise in Latuda seems to have helped a bit. BUT, I still am lethargic. I wonder if all the meds I take contribute to my depression. I can't talk to a pharmacologist.


            Hi houghchrst! Hope everything is fine. I'm sorry about what happened to your ex, but you planning to visit her?


              Originally posted by Soiled View Post
              Hi Jingle, Hi everyone!

              Praying for your recovery jingle. hugs hugs hugs

              My sister-in-law just gave birth a few weeks ago via Cesarean section, and it was a healthy baby boy. The baby is with us - my mom, my son, and me. The baby can't be with the mom and dad because of the Covid situation. My sister-in-law was tested positive upon delivery, so they have to isolate her and the baby. But after a few days of having medicines, the 2nd swabbing result came negative, so they were able to go home but separately until the 14-day quarantine is over. The baby's 1st pediatric check-up will be this coming Monday, and hopefully, the recommendation would be good so that the baby will be with his mom and dad.

              Praying that this pandemic would be over...

              Keep safe everyone :)
              Good thing the baby's Covid test was negative. Hoping and praying for safety and good health to your family.


                Well my opinion on the J&J vaccine was obviously a bust. I have been and had my first Moderna injection. Pain in upper shoulder could have used some ice the next day but I just took it easy. Get my second on the 14th. Jared and I both. Brandon needs to get his. Was a quick and easy drive thru.

                Lost a friend of over 30 years to Covid two days ago. Guess he had been sick for a while but was so busy taking care of his girlfriend and their wedding preparations that he didn't take care of himself. They think he already had a partially collapsed lung when he finally went into the hospital. Then his heart rate was high but his oxygen levels never recovered. He developed Sepsis. It is all just terrible. Having a hard time right now.


                  Chris, I'm so sorry you lost a friend to COVID-19. This is one brutal pandemic.

                  jingle, how are you doing?

                  SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


                    i dont trust these fake vaccines hell no



                      Ricky Schroder confronts Costco employee over mask requirement in viral video: 'You're just going to listen to their rules?' yahoo


                        Hey there guys. Yes has been a while. Oh gosh, what's been going on....let's see. Jared and I still need our boosters. My van is yet again down so getting medical transport is a pain. They have to drop us off and pick us up 20 minutes later. They are always early to drop off but tell everyone an hour til pick up. It really doesn't take that long but it takes long enough to be a pain.

                        I am still fostering, right now I have a mama and two kittens out of a litter of 7. Mama goes up for adoption on Saturday then I will just have the littles. I think I am going to take a break after. I am having some mental issues that need to be addressed. I will still network and then maybe eventually short-term foster.

                        I am still in process of trying to get TMS done but the insurance needs certain criteria to be made in order to qualify and I am having difficulty getting the information with no transportation. All I need is a list of meds I have been on since 2006. I have to have been on an anti-depressant and had them fail at least three times. Well hell, I got that beat. Every change in dosage counts also.

                        I stupidly quit taking my Latuda at the end of July, cold turkey, because I felt it made me emotionally numb and I just felt heavy and apathetic, like living under a dark cloud. So after the worst of the withdrawals were over I developed dyskinesia, probably around the end of September/beginning of October. I say probably because I believe it had been happening for a while before it became really intrusive and I noticed it near the end of October/beginning of November. I tried to research it but everything I was reading was about Tardive Dyskinesia and that was grim. Then our wonderful Jeannie found Withdraw Emergent Dyskinesia. I was thrilled, that was it, and there was a great recovery rate. I had been battling it with .5 of Klonopin and 4 mg of Tizanidine and 800 UI of Vitamin E which I read was shown in clinical trials to help. Thank God it didn't happen while I slept. I may have gone insane.

                        Psych sent me to a neuro who was wonderful and we were both on the same page to going back on the Latuda so I am taking 20 mg twice a day. And I had totally forgotten that I am supposed to have a minimum of 375 calories when I take it so my morning dose is not getting fully activated. I have been able to tell a huge difference in the dyskinesia, my tongue feels better. When I first went on it I had like three days where it was gone, I can feel it again but it is mild and I think that activating that morning dose might help. I was rather raw emotionally when I quit taking and the withdrawals were mostly gone but this small dosage has made me feel better. I feel a little more energetic. I haven't taken a nap in a long time and that has been my ritual for a couple of years. My skin picking is terrible right now. It had cleared up for a long time but I had kittens again and they leave claw marks up and down my legs and because of my allergies they itched but now I have picked at them they have gone from pinpricks to big sores. So I am working on stopping that now.

                        Made it through another holiday season. I cooked for Thanksgiving and my oldest brother came over. Still, no relationship with my other brothers and I prefer it that way. For Christmas, my brother made cannelloni which was a favorite of all us kids. My mom would make it once in a while and often at Christmas we asked for that. Thanksgiving was turkey day, the only day of the year I eat turkey except for the occasional TV dinner and my mom would make something special for Christmas dinner. Cannelloni, goose, game hens, homemade pizzas, gumbo, and her fried chicken were some of our favorites.

                        Bought Jared a 3d printer for Christmas. Then his birthday is at the end of January so I got him tools and paints to use with it. They are incredibly affordable for good-quality printers. I told him this year was as good as it gets. Unless they invent something new that is affordable. At least the printer was cheaper than his VR headset. Which we both use surprisingly often. All of his friends have them also so they get to play together. I expect to make some money off that printer now. It is incredibly easy and can be very lucrative. Honestly, if it works out and we are able to make some money I would invest in another. I have seen people who have rows of them, 10-20, and have them constantly going, making things to sell. Since Jared is such a computer geek I am sure he will have no problem coming up with stuff for the gaming industry and other nerds like him.

                        SweetChoco no I have not been to see my ex MIL. She would probably have me removed from the premises lol. She doesn't like me much anymore. Though my son that stays with her said her attitude towards me started to change when she found out I do animal rescue. My first TNR location was across the street from her house lol. She has actually sent me food that she said her animals would not eat which blew my mind. She is still in rehabilitative care. She is super depressed and was refusing PT but after Brandon gave her a piece of his mind and asked her if she planned on staying permanently she started going. I feel bad for her and honestly, if I was to go up there she would probably cry when she saw me. I know I would for her, no matter what we've been through together. She's a hard nut to crack so who knows.

                        Being an introvert I think this Covid restriction thing is fantastic. Covid sucks but I love taking advantage of grocery and pharmacy delivery, the telehealth visits are great. I could totally take that as the new norm. But I have discovered that I am lonely. If it weren't for Jared living here I know it would be worse but we bump along just great. Well despite the fact that he is terribly lazy, my fault lol. I miss visiting friends when I wanted to. My van being broken down makes it worse. I have no idea what it will cost to get it fixed but I do know I don't have the money. Sadly I don't know if I will ever be able to afford another vehicle. CJ has been living his own life so he is not as helpful as he use to be. Actually, I have been relying on him less and less. I am sure his girl is relieved.

                        Well i have gone on long enough. Figured I'd check in here.


                          Very nice to hear from you! I hope you're back soon. And I hope you get your booster.


                            ((((((Chris)))))) ~

                            Thank you for sharing what has been happening in your world. You have been enduring so much on your own, and you need some help and support.

                            If you live in proximity to a community college or a trade school, which offers automotive mechanics training, you might find low cost help there to repair your van. Check with nonprofit organizations in your area, who might be able to refer you to resources to help you find affordable van care, or might assist you in receiving the TMS treatment. You never know what help might be out there, if you don't search for it.

                            Bless Jeannie for finding Withdraw Emergent Dyskinesia and helping you to overcome that agony.

                            Your Thanksgiving and Christmas sound perfect for you and your brother. I am amazed, and then I'm not, by the number of people in my circles, who are having conflict with family members. Perhaps COVID brings out the worst in some people.

                            I have no idea what 3-D printing is, but I wish you tremendous success in that endeavor! However, I did watch a docuseries on Apple TV + entitled, "HOME," about unique structures around the world. The last episode was about 3-D concrete homes built in Mexico to house homeless and destitute families. So, the options are unlimited!

                            You are in my prayers, and I send you and your loved ones healing, positive energy ~

                            Love & Light,



                            *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!

                            Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


                              I think you already know about 3D printing, Rose. If you've watched something about 3D houses being printed, I think that's the general idea. You can print up just about any object.

                              Chris, I hope that you can find a med dosing schedule that will work well for you. Sometimes a person just has to tinker with various doses and times,etc., until something seems to work right. Then later on go through that again when that stops working right....
                              SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.