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Support "necklace" around my neck

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    Support "necklace" around my neck

    I just signed up for one of those support systems that will send help when/if I need it. BIG step but I feel good about it.

    ((((((jingle)))))) ~

    Good for you! What kind did you get? I'm sure that it will make you feel safer.

    Love & Light,



    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!

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      Thank you for asking.
      I signed up with LifeFone. My sister has used them for several years and she loves and trusts them. And she has had to use them several times and it's been a fast and easy process.

      A few years ago I was a member of that "I've fallen and I can't get up" company that cost almost twice as much and I really disliked them. It was very difficult to finally get away from them but I was very glad to finally accomplish it.

      This morning I was setting on the floor sorting some junk and, good grief, it took me awhile to finally get up. I wasn't hurt, hadn't fallen - I just couldn't get up. When I finally got up I went straight to my little laptop and looked up the company my sister trusted.


        Life Fone isn't one of the types I've tried but I'm sure you'll be glad you took this step. It is a big decision and takes some getting used to but I've found that it works well. I have Medical Guardian.

        We're no longer in a world where a lot of people live in small towns with everyone knowing everyone else or related to the people in the area. People aren't looking in on one another. Those who are at risk of falling need to have a resource like this.
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          agate - I do live in a small town but I don't want some of the neighbors to know how to get into my house ~shudder~. My next door neighbor is a lovely, kind, thoughtful woman, but she's very, very busy and works a very demanding job and two part-time jobs. The people on the other side are nice but VERY private.
          I'm concerned about getting used to the LifeFone but I'll have to learn.


            LOL LOL -- UPS sent me an email saying my device would be delivered Thursday and I would have to sign for it AND I had to be a member of UPS to sign. First it told me I could sign in using a membership a list of stuff including Facebook. I tried that - it didn't work. I tried for over a half hour to sign in - it didn't work.
            What a horrible time.
            I was bawling and shaking and thinking I didn't really need the device from LifeFone if they couldn't send it to me by USPS. Finally, amazing, I got signed in. Good Grief. I've gotten a dozen email from then, finally one saying the package would arrive Thursday and I must sign for it. Immediately I received another
            saying it would arrive Friday and I must sign for it.


              What a shame. Apparently UPS and FedEx are setting up barriers to make it pricier for people to have packages delivered. Glad you got it straightened out at last.

              I don't recall if it was UPS or FedEx recently but I had a notice of attempted delivery from one of them. In the past I could call them and arrange for another delivery date (my choice) but this time I couldn't do that without paying a fee. That's a new feature they've quietly added.
              SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.