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Time Machine backup problem

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    Time Machine backup problem

    So the reason I have not been online here is because my hard drive on my MacBook Pro "died". Some people told me it may have been my hardware and others tell me I may have had the hard drive corrupted by a virus. I had used the "time machine" application in the MacBook Pro to backup the entire system before the hard drive failed. I then bought a MacBook Air as it was the only Mac I could afford. I intended to put the Pro backup in the MacBook Air only to discover the Air has smaller storage then my old computer so "time machine" can't finish the restore from the backup. I really only need the iMovie events and iMovie projects from the "time machine" so I am wondering (I asked Apple and got mixed answers)

    Is there a way, any way at all, to copy only some of the files from the "Time Machine" backup and not others? Like how I copy from my external drive to the computer by dragging and dropping?

    If my old computer had a virus would the files I copy from time machine contain a/the virus? Help?

    Any response is helpful! :)
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