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Major thing .... Good books?

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    Major thing .... Good books?

    My nice selection of books is probably the major -- well, one of the major -- things that help keep me settled during this stay-at-home time. I love to read.

    I think my crazy cats are another thing that keeps me home. And they are very happy having me home so much.

    And I do enjoy trying a new recipe if I have all the ingredients. I guess soup is my favorite thing -- I love baking cookies too, but right now I don't have a good place to give all my cookies.

    What is keeping you going?

    Just doing what I usually do--trying to make sure I get an hour to sit and watch movies on DVD while crocheting hats. There's less time now because of all of the time I need to spend tracking down items I need to buy and can't find in the usual ways.

    I tinker with a few plants too, and actually reorganized my sewing supplies.

    I'm no expert at sewing but have collected odd things like snaps and buttons, pins, needles, thread, etc., over many years. I got a new container that will hold all of them and was able to dispose of the 3 old containers I'd been using.

    While I was at it I went through those things and tossed out anything that looked useless but I wasn't able to get rid of much at all. Pincushions, needle-threaders, pinking shears, thimbles, marking pencils, you name it.

    When I had to get this stuff out to sew a mask, I realized that it wasn't well organized at all. Every time I wanted a spool of thread, I might look in three different places. Now there's only one.
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      My library system is of course closed. I get homebound book delivery. I go on their website and they send them to me. It does not compare to actually going to the library which I used to do and love, I would bring home dozens of books on all kinds of subjects. Sometimes CJ would have to help me get my books in the house lol. I cannot read on the puter or my little phone. Nothing beats the feel and the smell of a good book. I have my collection of books but just recently went through and reread many so I am getting kind of desperate.


        Books have been a good friend to me over the years but my eyes or mind have just not been interested for almost two years.

        Instead, I have been watching a lot of YouTube. I follow almost a dozen farms - homesteads. And several families living on their boats and sailing around the world. Also Vanlifers- people who live and travel full time in their converted van or similar vehicles. And cooking channels, lately Bon Appetit.

        My saving grace is my large patio and a garden. It truly is my therapy. I love going out every morning and picking greens, checking everything, maybe transplanting a few things. I feed the birds, change the water in the bowl I leave for them and come back in to watch. The whole routine anchors my day.

        My husband is home so we make more joint decisions than usual and take a walk in the middle of the day every day that I can. I cook more because he’s here for lunch now.

        I’m concerned about things reverting to “normal” too soon.
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