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Inappropriate Commercials During COVID-19 Surge

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    Inappropriate Commercials During COVID-19 Surge

    ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

    Jim's TV is on 24/7 tuned either to Going RV or Motor Trend. Both of them show a ton of commercials in rotation, so we see the same ones over and over and over ...

    The "Risky Business" homage for Domino's Pizza delivery shows a young man picking up his box of pizza, opening it, and taking out a slice of pizza from the box then eats it. Without washing his hands, after handling the box! NO! Just NO!!!!

    The worst one is for Corona Beer. It shows parties, beach gatherings, social events, before social distancing and self-isolation and lockdowns. Happy, gleeful partying young people, many of whom are the last ones to get the clue that their selfish lifestyles are killing people now.

    Of all of the beers on Earth, Corona Beer should be the first one to put out a new commercial during the pandemic. They could promote virtual parties on line, or a regular couple sitting at home watching Netflix with their beers. They have ad men, who can come up with something appropriate and informational, while selling their brew. Until they do, they should remove the ads showing now on these channels, because they send people, particularly young people, the wrong message.

    Just my observations, as I'm forced to watch years old episodes of people buying huge RVs and mechanics refabricating old cars and selling them for a fortune in Texas.

    Stay home. Clean everything that comes into your home via boxes or bags, wash your hands until your skin is chapped and cracking. Then find some really good hand cream!

    Love & Light,


    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
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    Hi Rose,
    I saw those ads and as somebody who makes media I felt those ads were bizarre. I certainly wouldn't have made ads like that. Ultimately I think people are smarter than these ads.
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      Yeah don't mess with the alcohol or cigarette industry. I don't know why they aren't warning people about smoking and getting this Covid


        Twice during the CBS news there’s been a girl running for a bus. I yell, “don’t get on that bus!” She does every time. :-(

        There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK


          Preach it. None of this makes sense to me. I hope this way of life isn't the new norm.