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    Bread recipe?

    I got a recipe in a camp recipes book for "Beer Bread". Usualy camping recipes are simple. Do you think this would be any good? Should I at least add an egg? (We have a fridge in our camper so can take eggs.) Here is the recipe...

    Beer Bread

    12 oz. beer
    3 C. selfrising flour
    3 Tbsp. sugar
    Put in 9 x 5 pan. Bake at 350* for 50-60 min.

    (For a dutch oven by the campfire do you maybe know how many coals at the bottom & how many on top?)
    Lorraine (lor)

    ​Lor I would definitely stick to the recipe.


      i wonder if bobs red mill is gmo free or trader joes

      i keep thinking if it dries my mouth out its gmo
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        hey clouds!

        i buy a lot of bob's red mill stuff and i also go to trader joe's sometimes.

        bob's has a lot of flours that are GF (gluten free). but to make sure you buy food that doesn't have gmo's in it, it has to say "ORGANIC". companies have to pay to have their foods labelled organic because they have to prove it is non-gmo. a lot of foods in some supermarkets, usually their own brands, are labelled "NON-GMO" but do not have the "ORGANIC" label on them because
        the supermarkets want to offer non-gmo foods at a reasonable cost and are not paying to have the food certified "ORGANIC". i have bought many things from meijer that are labelled as non-gmo like canned tomatoes, bread, etc. bob's red mill has great stuff, but if it doesn't say "ORGANIC" in the name of the food or somewhere on the label, it's probably gmo.

        so, if you want to make sure you are eating non-gmo foods, stick to looking for the "ORGANIC" label.

        WE ARE BT!
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          thanks tic chick