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I miss this place.

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    I miss this place.

    When it seems like something serious is wrong and I can't get into this place -- I miss it!!

    ((((((Jingle)))))) ~

    I miss this place too, when it is inaccessible. It's just a phase we're going through with the new format, I hope. Thankfully, Mike works so hard for us to keep BrainTalk working. As you can see, we're still here!

    Is there something seriously wrong that you need to talk about? We're listening.

    Sending healing, positive energy your way ~

    Love & Light,



    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!

    Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


      Thank you, Rose -- thank you so very much. Such a kind post! I'm doing OK. When I said "seriously wrong" I meant wrong with this site, not me


        Hey guys! I have been out in this forum for a while and only now that I am able to get back. Any new thing around?


          Hi SweetChoco -- it's very good to have you back. I hope you can be a frequent visitor,
          Nothing much new here. The best part is home-grown tomatoes! Oh, I love a good tomato. My breakfast this morning was a BLT and glass of milk. ahhhhhhhhhh


            Our most recent outage was due to an internet hub going down. Some folks weren't affected, but quite a few of us were. It had nothing to do with out host or the software :)
            Question: Why can't I post links or pictures?
            Question: Why can't I have a signature, avatar, or profile picture?
            Question: What's wrong with my account?

            Answer: You are in the "registered users" user group. This group is very limited in what it can do. This will annoy spammers to no end Just keep posting once you have been registered for 30 days and have made 11 posts your account will be "unlocked".

            It's really easy to put someone on ignore and it's strongly recommended that you do so with people who's posts you don't like.

            Step 1 - log in
            Step 2 - click on the "settings" link
            Step 3 - click on the "edit ignore list" link on the left side of the screen
            Step 4 - type (or paste if you copied and pasted it) the username of the person you want to ignore
            Step 5 - click the "ok" button on the right of the screen

            Easy peasy and will lower your blood pressure. One important note though, this won't hide quoted posts. It's an oversight on the developers part and it's not an easy thing to "fix." So if someone quotes someone you have ignored, you'll see the quote.

            Alternatively when you click on a person's name and view their profile page, underneath their avatar, there is a option that says, "Ignore this person". Click that link and then click the yes button.


              There is a facebook messenger chat group of braintalk members if anyone is interested, PM me.