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Healing Honey

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    Healing Honey

    Discover the enormous benefits of honey; its countless floral tastes and host of health benefits.

    Honey has been used by mankind since the past 2,500 years, all over the world. Its the oldest sweetener on earth. Bees swallow, digest and regurgitate nectar to make honey; this nectar contains almost 600 compounds. While the numerous health benefits of honey have made it an important aspect of traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, scientists are also researching the benefits of honey in modern medicine, especially in healing wounds.

    What makes honey so popular? It is the ease with which it can be consumed. One can eat honey directly, put it on bread like a jam, mix it with juice or any drink instead of sugar, or mix it with warm water, lime juice, cinnamon and other herbs to make a medicine. It is savored by all due to its taste as well as health benefits.

    1. Sweetener: Sugar can be substituted with honey in many food and drinks. Honey contains about 69% glucose and fructose enabling it to be used as a sweetener.

    2. Energy Source: According to USDA, honey contains about 64 calories per tablespoon. Hence honey is also used by many as a source of energy. On the other hand, one tablespoon of sugar will give you about 15 calories. Further the carbohydrates in the honey can be easily converted into glucose by even the most sensitive stomachs. Hence it is very easy to digest honey.

    3. Weight Loss: Though honey has more calories than sugar, honey when consumed with warm water helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. Similarly honey and lemon juice and honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight. Read more about benefits of honey in weight loss.

    4. Improving Athletic Performance: Recent research has shown that honey is an excellent ergogenic aid and helps in boosting the performance of athletes. Honey facilitates in maintaining blood sugar levels, muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration after a workout.

    5. Source of Vitamins and Minerals: Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. The type of vitamins and minerals and their quantity depends on the type of flowers used for apiculture. Commonly, honey contains Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Check for the vitamin and mineral content in sugar from any source, you will find it to be either nil or miniscule.

    6. Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Properties: Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and hence it can be used as a natural antiseptic.

    7. Antioxidants: Honey contains nutraceuticals, which are effective in removing free radicals from our body. As a result, our body immunity is improved.

    8. Skin Care with Milk and Honey: Milk and honey are often served together as both these ingredients help in getting a smooth soothing skin. Hence consuming milk and honey daily in the morning is a common practice in many countries.

    9. Honey in Wound Management
    Honey is a traditional topical treatment for infected wounds. Honey is produced from many different floral sources and its antibacterial activity varies with origin and processing. It can be effective on antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. The antibacterial properties of honey include the release of low levels of hydrogen peroxide. Some honeys have an additional phytochemical antibacterial component. Many authors support the use of honey in infected wounds and some suggest its prophylactic use on the wounds of patients susceptible to MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    10. Honey possesses antimicrobial properties.
    -It helps in promoting autolytic debridement (body's own process of getting rid of dead tissue and keeping healthy tissue)
    -It deodorizes malodorous wounds.
    -It speeds up the healing process by stimulating wound tissues.
    -It helps in initiating the healing process in dormant wounds.
    -Honey also helps in promoting moist wound healing.

    11. Honey May Help Heal Cuts and Burns:
    Researchers who analyzed existing studies on whether honey can help heal wounds are cautiously optimistic that this ancient treatment may help in some cases. They conclude that honey may improve healing times in mild to moderate superficial and partial thickness burns compared with some conventional dressings. Honey appears to draw fluid from the underlying circulation, providing both a moist environment and topical nutrition that enhances tissue growth.

    Its versatility and the goodness in your everyday life is a must.!

    VIA Amazing World Online


    Thank you for posting this. Honey is wonderful!

    Hubby uses Orange Blossom honey in his tea. I use it in baking. Jon used it to heal a 5" decubitus ulcer on his hip.

    Nature's healing balm!

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.