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My Poems from 97 and 08

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    My Poems from 97 and 08

    Hey everyone here is two poems I wrote. (i hope no one takes offese to them. wrote one back in 1997 and one in 2008.. let me know what you think. just wanted to share them with you


    S- Spend time getting to know me
    P- Please be patient with me; I may not be able to do the things your child can
    E- Enjoy learning about what I have and what is wrong with me so you will understand
    C- Care about what my parents tell you about how I communicate
    I- Imagine if your child had problems then realize what my parents feel
    A- Always be kind to people who are disabled. We are just like you, with things that didn't develop right or because of an accident
    L- Listen to me, I may be hard to understand but if you take the time you can understand me. Learning is very hard for me; I may not be at my age level

    N- Never blame my parents they didn't do anything wrong they didn't cause me to be this way
    E- Encourage my parents they need it
    E- Entertain me, so my parents can have a night off
    D- Distraction is part of my life daily, I'm on the go all the time I never slow down, I get into everything & time out doesn't work with me, because I can't sit still, I try but I can't
    S- Screaming is what I do when I can't handle what is going on around me, when I get upset because I want to tell you what is wrong but I can’t.

    C- Communication is very hard for me; I may use sign language, gestures, words, communication boards, time line boards
    H- Helping me understand input is part of my parent's lives 24 hours a day
    I- Imagine not being able to hug your child, even though your child wants to be hugged but your child can't handle it, sometimes hugs hurt, & sometimes they don't
    L- Lights sometimes cause me to be act up very badly but once the lights are out I'm able to calm down and I am good, the lights were too much input for my brain to understand it all
    D- Disabled means doing something different then someone else, sometimes with aid, sometimes with special equipment, & sometimes with therapy


    When god Created Mothers of Children with Autism

    One day God said today I am going to make a model
    Of a mother whos child or children will have autism

    I need you to get me a jar of compassion, a jar of stubbornness,
    A jar of tenderness, a jar of understanding, a jar of tears for joy, sorrow,
    A jar of determination, a jar of knowledge, a jar of activism,
    A jar of faith, a jar of anger

    The angel asked God why do you want all those things for this mother
    God said she will need compassion to deal with the melt downs,
    And stares of the people who wont understand

    She will need stubbornness to be determined that her child will succeed no matter what people or the education system tell her, she will need it to fight for the rights of her child

    She will need tenderness to understand when her child is melting down in the middle of the store, or church or where ever she is at, she will need it to deal with and understand why her child does these things

    She needs joy to show at the slightest achievement the child does, and joy just over her child for who he/she is .

    She will need sorrow to deal with the pain and hurt that people will say with out thinking and out of no understanding, she will need it to deal with the melt downs so she don’t become to drained from the stress of it all,

    She needs determination to help her child succeed no matter what. The slightest success is achieved by her determination

    She will need knowledge to know how and where to go for help and search for answers and to work with her child

    She will need activism, to fight for what her child needs

    She will need faith to rely on me to get through the rough times and the good times

    She will need anger to handle all the stress and to relive tension

    But lord Why did you chose this mother to do this. God said I chose this mother to be the mom of a child with Autism because she is my Special mother I wanted to raise a child with Autism.

    Written by Bea Rosencutter 05-06-08

    Hello Bea, I think your poems are very on point, I do not have a special needs child, but I have grandchildren, nieces and friends who are special needs, PEOPLE, they are wonderful and you are right about taking the time , even a few minutes you can gain much understanding and compassion . Thank you for posting this , GING :)