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THE HAIKU AND POEM CAFE: Sit down and listen to us...

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  • tic chick
    A.D.eath Finale 9

    suffering no more
    spirits prepare to take flight
    leaving memories

    this ends my A.D. (alzheimer's disease) series.

    to my mom, july 29, 1928-august 2, 2014
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  • tic chick
    A. D.agio 8

    Ev'ry day you slip
    Further away happily
    Singing old waltzes

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  • tic chick
    A. lost iD.entity 7

    in your mind, i'm a
    child, newborn, or unborn but
    i'm no longer jean.
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  • howdydave
    Still life 1


    On the railroad tracks
    Three daisies between the ties
    Tracks to horizon


    Railroad tracks
    Daisies between ties
    Tracks to sky

    This is a still life that I experimented with when I wanted to see the effects of changing the focus on my 35 mm SLR camera.
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  • tic chick
    birthday haiku's

    Happy 28 on the 28th!

    baby number two
    I love you, i LOVE you, i
    love YOU, I LOVE YOU!


    Happy Birthday

    deep ocean, your soul ripples
    spirit to spirit

    (to a special friend)
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  • tic chick
    just some thoughts

    Hammock Time

    summertime ennui
    hot sun melts me-butterscotch
    sweet golden pooled heat

    In Memoriam

    brave soldiers still die
    freedom uncertain...poppies
    will blow evermore.

    My Father's Day

    always distant, cruel
    until this old man appeared
    and said, "i love you."

    Fearless Human

    clear my mind to think
    raise my arms to stand alone
    walk my feet away.
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  • THE HAIKU AND POEM CAFE: Sit down and listen to us...

    A. D.owner 6

    half asleep you said,
    "jean is still pretty." something
    you never told me.

    A.D.emand 5

    in my mind i find
    your thoughts unfathomable
    stop me from drowning.

    Dealing with A.D. 4

    necessary lies
    undeniably define
    our remaining time.

    A.D.ream 3

    to sleep, always sleep
    always dream...memories passed
    where are you today?

    A.D.elusion 2

    hick'ry, dick'ry, dock
    three mice are on the!
    ghostly ghastly time.


    memories erased
    no future, no past...tick tock
    life is this moment

    AD is my series of haikus i have been writing the last 2 and a half years that my mom has been in the nursing home, slowly losing her memories to alzheimer's disease.
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