I have temporal lobe epilepsy & that is where memory is located. I had 3 seizures & forgot how to write (I could spell but forgot how to form each lower case letter. And cursive words). But now I can print & at least you can read my cursive (it takes along time to do each word cuz I have to stop & think something like, 'for "s", go up at an angle then down around to the right & back out to start the next letter (bet you don't have to think about it). LOL. I used to have beautiful writing, I did caligraphy where you dip the pen in the ink. The other day I found a card I made for John for sweetest day. Can I share it?

J is for the joyous times we spend together
O is because I often dream of you
H is for the happiness you give to me
N is because no one else will do

Gee, I do rubber stamping also. Maybe I should go into the 'homemade greeting card' business.