Here's one of my poems which was published in the above booklet edited by Tara Allen, copyright 1993. I believe it was distributed as part of a fund-raising campaign.

On a Bad Day You Can't See Far

I feel almost as strong
As a dry Autumn Leaf
In a windstorm
With brushfire starting.
Feather light
Barely able to withstand
A breath
A kiss
A whisper of a touch.
Did you know
My arms can float on air,
Sometimes my legs, too?
But then my feet encounter problems
With engaging the earth,
The ground not walked on
The drive not driven
The song unsung.
The tears want to cry
But my eye sockets are empty
The weight of tears would be too great,
The wracking of shoulders too throbbing,
The sobs too draining,
When there is nothing left to drain.
The steam beds are dry,
Pretty pebbles only remain.
No gurgling brook
No laughing tinkle of flowing silver
No sparkling highlights on miniature waves
Only empty.
Not even fear,
Maybe mild remorse
For life half-lived,
And opportunities to savor
Passed by regretfully
Due to unending exhaustion,
Scarcely even sparing
The will to live.

Sherri Lipcius