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PAIN in Visual Form

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    PAIN in Visual Form

    Years ago, I used to play with the Paint program, just messing around for my own therapy. I'm not claiming these will be good, just that they are my interpretation of what PAIN was like that particular day. Plus how far I'd gotten with figuring out how the little gizmos in the program actually worked.

    OK, not gonna happen today as my files are slightly too big and now I've got to go back to the salt mines to do stuff I don't actually know how to do. DRAT!
    My Life Menu: CFS probably since birth, full flavored since the 80s, with Fibromyalgia, Major Depression with a side order of Anxiety and Agoraphobia sauce, Restless Leg Syndrome with spicy Other Sleep Disorders, 11 Eye Surgeries, a generous helping of Gut Problems

    Try going into a photo editing program and resizing it. I used PhotoDraw, I know it's an older one, but That's what I use. Look in the drop-down menus to find it.
    I'm just where God wants me to be, not one step ahead nor one step behind........