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Art is very therapeutic for me, pls check out an example

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    Art is very therapeutic for me, pls check out an example


    I have recently been diagnosed with combination migraine/tension headaches and have been having a heck of a time with them. I find art to be be therapeutic, particularly drawing (at least while I can stand it).

    Please see a recent example of a 10+ year old sketch that I turned into a completed piece recently. I find that self-expression helps a lot dealing with all the issues at hand.
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    L sided headaches since Fall 2005. Stopped in 2010, only to restart w/greater intensity in November 2012 with additional symptoms of nausea, clumsiness/balance issues, poor appetite, and difficulty hearing out "plugged" left ear. Headache pattern: occurs in AM and upon changes in body position. OTC meds do not help.

    Previous surgeries: 2008 total L Parotidectomy, secondary to benign tumor, 2011 gastric bypass, 2012 hysterectomy due to benign mass on ovary. (Kept 1 ovary)

    Hi Alexis

    I'm impressed, very well done :) I can't even draw good stick figures
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      That's nice Alesis
      Lorraine (lor)