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Drawing came out in reversed lighting on symptomatic day (without realizing it).

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    Drawing came out in reversed lighting on symptomatic day (without realizing it).

    Something weird happened last night. While drawing the attached image, I began with the top panel, which is in a normal light/shadow range. Then, when I went to work on the lower panel, I drew it in reversed lighting (like she's glowing, almost, or if you were to take a picture in normal contrast and reverse it) without realizing it until I walked away and looked at it a few minutes later.

    Please click on the drawing to enlarge it. (please ignore the bottom right panel; it's unfinished.)

    As a side note, I had the worst attack of my symptoms I have ever had later on last night. I had an earlier attack yesterday, although I don't recall if it was before or after I drew.

    I find drawing and writing very therapeutic and have gotten a creative burst lately.

    Thank you,

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    L sided headaches since Fall 2005. Stopped in 2010, only to restart w/greater intensity in November 2012 with additional symptoms of nausea, clumsiness/balance issues, poor appetite, and difficulty hearing out "plugged" left ear. Headache pattern: occurs in AM and upon changes in body position. OTC meds do not help.

    Previous surgeries: 2008 total L Parotidectomy, secondary to benign tumor, 2011 gastric bypass, 2012 hysterectomy due to benign mass on ovary. (Kept 1 ovary)