Hi i'm new to the forum and was wondering is there anyone ot there with custas vasculiits.
I was in remmisin for 7 years and now have relapesed and the last 16 months have not been pleasent.

I am on huge doses of prednisine and have had an iv as well which did not work on cellcept 3grams a day 60mg prednisone aswell as the other pain tablts my condition is mostly my feet where i have ulcers and although the old one are slowly healing more have come i'm losing my hair i have no streangh and shake worse than a rattle thanks to my wondeful husband and famly i am keeping sane i do have good doc,derma,rheum but wonder why its so slow and to top it i have popped a hernia which nothing can be done but hold the stomack when you cough as for sleep i have no idea what that is uist pass out when i am so tired will be happy to get a couple of hours at night but mostly in the day

any advise