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What are you doing for the lock down blues?

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    LeBleu - Hope this finds you well. Life is a struggle. We all have our bad days and good days. Today. I helped someone who has a more severe disability then mine. Afterwards. I thanked Spirit for the blessings I have and prayed for the gentleman i helped.


      We all struggle but how we manage these difficulties makes the difference. Being imperfect leads us to feel and face problems and challenges - this Covid pandemic is not a joke. We thought that when there would be vaccines, they will be lighter. Apparently, we are still apprehensive one way or the other. We feel more anxious right? So as everyone says - let's stay positive. And I still believe that staying positive help in facing these things.


        Hi all, LeBleu I am sorry you are feeling the crunch of this whole covid mess. What about adopting a pet? Can you have a pet where you are? Do you like animals? A lot of rescues have senior for senior adoption programs. Just a thought. Adoptions have been at an all-time high but we animal people are concerned about what happens when people go back to work and have no time for the animals.

        I have not even been outside yet to see about my yard. The amount of work that needs to be done is daunting. My brother mentioned selling the house because the yard is too much. It was too much for my grandmother also. I too do not get out much because of my pain but I would at least like the option. I did have my social clubs once in a while at least. I would like to wander at the library but I think they are limited by how many people may come in at a time.