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Thursday report. Mixed news.

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    Thursday report. Mixed news.

    Okay. That means some of it is good, right? Let's start with the insane. Several weeks ago, I called IRS and said I hadn't filed taxes since 95 per their instruction. I asked if I needed to file in order to get the stimulus check. They said no. They have all of my info to include bank acct. I checked the stimulus site last night and they didn't have my info.......file for both state and federal taxes. Zero due of course. I learned the system was so jacked up that this was being handled by hand, snail mail. It looks like I may get a paper check. I'm in good shape for the shape I am in. Rent is paid. Electricity is paid and I have food. No debt.. The good news!!! I have my gifted therapist back. I called the agency and let them know that the idiot who they tried to send me threatened to have me dropped from the program if I didn't cooperate. Don't try to Jack this old girl around. I've been battling the system for decades. I think I'll just roll downstairs and go outside for some fresh air. I called the governors office and we are permitted to go outside for brief periods of time if we wear masks and maintain safe distancing. I need some fresh air. It's been a month. Look out boys. Here I come. .

    Well, it's Solitary Saturday. This is getting real old. Management thinks they are going to keep all residents in lock down for an additional month for our own protection. Wrong!!!! When the governor sets is free, the non medical independent living residents are FREE. We all need to use a great deal of sense but that includes fresh air. Things are a bit rough without our aids. Truth be known, most of us qualify for assisted living (but don't have the money) it total care (heaven forbid) so we have pulled out own in home support system together through the Homebound Waiver Program. That works when the corporate mafia let's them in. I got my physical therapist back. Thank you Govenor Andy!!!! I wish she could sneak me a nice hot pizza. �� The guards in the gate would smell it a mile away. I think these guys were trained by the DEA. Have a peaceful evening and sleep well.


      ((((((LeBieu)))))) ~

      That's excellent news that you have your PT again. I think you should ask her to bring you a pizza. Let her deal with the guards at the gate. She could also bring the guards a pizza. That might help.

      As I said in another thread, I think you should be allowed to have deliveries, and you should pursue that. People all over the globe are getting deliveries. Why not you and your fellow residents? That's just unfair to all of you.

      I hope that your therapist has proper PPE (mask, gown, gloves) to treat you. Be sure to ask her about that, when you schedule your appointment with her.

      Sending you healing, positive energy.

      Love & Light,


      *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
      Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


        Thanks Rose. Mgt. here is being uber cautious because we have a senior medical facility on site that does hospitalized hospice and palliative care for everything imaginable plus an assisted living building and two "cognitive decline" buildings. In addition to this you have independent living. This is a lovely 80 acre campus. We are considered a major hot spot. With the outcry concerning disproportionate illness and death in SOME nursing/senior facilities, our management has gone to the extreme. Rest well.
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