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    Who is still here

    Originally posted by houghchrst View Post
    My back and my legs are in agony. No matter how or where I sit my back is constantly throbbing. I am waiting for the call from my Pain Management clinic to set up back injections. My pain doc says that there is very little chance of them working but I will try almost anything at this point. He also is trying to help me get aqua therapy but I am pretty sure that the insurance will turn it down.

    I don't dare go to the ER. Thank God for the MMJ because that is the only thing that makes it all tolerable. That keeps me from tears all day long. I do have my break downs now and then everyday but I know there is something out there that will help. Any out there who have had Ablations done on their lower back? Can it cause nerve damage in my legs and feet?

    Houghchrist, Stillstannding, Hope ya'll are still here. Houghchrist, we have talked before, We share a LOT in the background History, etc. and I pray you are O.K. Stillstannding, we go back too. you have always been supportive. I hope that both of ya,ll are OK - I miss this place and hope others will stand up and be counted. I myself, well \, I have issues, with drinking, Pain management, MMJ - My VA doc. says it may be legal here, but not at the federal level - so if i get caught, bye- bye meds or at least a reduction. Diabetes sucks, nerve pain is incredible, stomach is always churning. Have not lost hope, the LORD is my savior but feel I am between a rock and a hard place. I go day to day, a new housemate helps, lost a good friendship to to poor judgement ( read Misjudged her- I was wrong) Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope this finds ya,ll well and others.

    AKA revstevefirewaler


      ((((((Alex)))))) ~

      Whenever you post, I am relieved to know that you are still maintaining and working through your struggles. Unfortunately, your struggles remain the same over time, with a system, which is failing you and many other Veterans.

      Of course, you know that alcohol and diabetes are incompatible. They are also related biologically and genetically with an inherited tendency.

      Are you eligible for Medicare? If so, that would open medical avenues other than the VA for you.

      You are in my prayers, Alex. Be good to yourself, love yourself, value yourself, as God does. Ask for strength and guidance, for peace, comfort, forgiveness. Keep your faith and stay strong.

      Love & Light,


      *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
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        Does acupuncture helps in easing chronic pains?


          Honestly I have no idea, acupuncture is not an insurance covered procedure and I cannot afford to do it. I would love to try though.


            The last holiday was ok - this one coming is very scary - given the Covid and a person who... well, If i can't say something nice i don't - My social network is next to gone -Small town .... Hope this finds you well.
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              Alex I am thrilled to see you here. I think these days solitude is something many of us are suffering through. I could easily become a hermit, at this point I pretty much am. How has your pain been? I did get the ablation. So far only right side. Left to be done this week. So far I am getting no relief. The only time I am pain free is a minute or two when they give me the shot of Fentanyl before they knock me out for the ablations or injections. I was in agony for three days after my ablation so plan to be out of commission after this next. I hope you are well and think of you often.

              Prayers and ((((HUGS))))


                Fentanyl?i think id be afraid of that strong med

                turn off the wireless and or computer -could help

                turn off electrical stuff
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