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Edema and neurological deficit two years after Gamma knife

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    Edema and neurological deficit two years after Gamma knife

    Dear all,

    My mother had GK on one brain meta in April 2012. Everything was fine, and she had no problem at all. Than in November MRI showed slight signal enhancing. TH GK surgeon said it is normal and just to keep monitoring. In the mean time she developed severe headaches, high blood pressure and left arm and leg weakness. Everything culminated 10 days ago when she had complete paralysis of left arm and leg. She has strength but she cannot lean on them. They put her on steroids and it tokk them 6 days to start working. In the meantime she had one severe crisis with low pressure (64 44) which was terrible.

    Now she is in the hospital, waiting for another MRI. All MRIs from November until June (4 of them) have the same conclusion, tumor has same dimensions and does not cause any compression but there is perifocal edema.

    GK center is abroad and neurosurgeons here are considering surgery if nothing else appears on the MRI?

    Today she is very weak, not able to stand and make more than 10 steps. All other functions are OK, since that is right side of the brain (motor functions).

    Any similar experiences?