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Temporary Paralysis?

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    Temporary Paralysis?


    I am just desperate for someone to talk to me about what may be going on with my son.

    I have a referral to a neurologist, so I donít have much but I have sever anxiety and I cannot sleep through the night just knowing something is happening.

    My son is 17 months old. He has been a very healthy baby. Up to date with all his vaccines. Since January, every couple of weeks, he suddenly loses the ability to use his right arm. He just hangs there. He can move his fingers but canít hold anything. He canít reach and starts to only use one arm to do everything. This lasts for about 30 minutes... and just how it started, without warning, he is able to use his arm again, and asks like a normal child.

    This has happened a total of 4 times, during the day, at the daycare. So I have not seen this happen with my own eyes. The daycare described it to me but when I described it to the pediatrician, she said IR didnít sound like nursemaidís elbow and that I should try to get it on video. So this Tuesday, 2/18, was the only tome the daycare captured it happening.

    They said he would just be playing normally, or eating, and suddenly they would notice heís not using his right arm. They would try to give him things and he refused to hold it. He would take whatever object he had in his left arm, and put it under his chin to hold it, so he could grab the next object instead of holding it with his right arm.

    You can see he is trying to grab it because his fingers are moving in the video, but he canít even open up to grip it. But he does move some of his fingers.

    I am thinking the worse... Iíve never heard or can find anything only that relates to this temporary thing. And he is too little for this to be a behavioral thing.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Dear IM,

    I am sorry this is happening to your little boy. I have no special pediatric knowledge. I just want you to know that people are here and are reading and some are very informed, experienced parents.

    Best to you and your son and welcome to BT.
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      I don't mean to scare you but this definitely sounds like a nervous system problem, and honestly it sounds like your son may be having strokes or mini strokes. All I could think of when I read this post of yours is this podcast Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register... that mentioned that stroke symptoms can come and go in some kids because kids have different blood flow to their brain than an adult. Hope this helps. Please try to get more video of the symptoms. See a neurologist and remember mini strokes may not show up easily on brain scans.
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        I honestly didnít think of strokes. It seems to be happening every couple of weeks, for 30 minutes in a day and during that time he doesnít seem like he is having any other symptoms of stroke.

        I made an appointment for an neurologist but they canít see us for a month or two. So for the next month I am going to be tormented with not knowing what is wrong with my baby boy.


          ((((((InsaneMother)))))) ~

          TO BRAINTALK!

          I'm so very sorry that your son has these symptoms, but I am glad that you found us for love and support.

          If you have options with your insurance, I recommend that you find a pediatric neurologist, who can see your son sooner than a month. Are you near a university with a hospital? Or a children's hospital? I would start there. Your son needs testing now to determine what is happening to him and whether he needs treatment.

          All moms of kids with neurological needs have to advocate for their children's health care. You have to fight for whatever your son needs, and right now that means an appointment with a pediatric neuro within a week or two.

          You also should start charting these episodes. Ask daycare to keep the chart, and you keep one at home. Chart: time, duration,environment (lights flashing, dark room, the food he is eating, playing, awareness, alertness, pupils of his eyes, etc. You want to provide the neuro with as much information as possible to determine whether there is a pattern to these episodes. Why do they only happen at daycare?

          Does your son sleep well? How are his bowel and urine habits? Think globally about him, outside of the box.

          Ask the daycare to continue to video the episodes.

          The more information and details you can provide to the neuro, the more it will help the neuro to diagnose your son.

          I wish that I could say to you, "Oh, yes, this is what your son has." But I can't, and I wouldn't speculate.

          Please join us on the Child Neurology forum, and post there to introduce yourself. We're a small group, but we are caring and supportive, with a lot of experience between us. We all understand what you're going through right now. You're not alone. We'll be there for you to lean on.

          Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

          I look forward to getting to know you and your son.

          Love & Light,

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            Thank you Rose, I have great insurance. I work at a hospital organization and they are the ones i was able to get an appointment with for April! Iíll try the actual childrenís hospital.