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Arachnoid cyst

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    Arachnoid cyst

    In May of 2017 I had a posterior arachnoid cyst removed by a craniotomy fenestration. Prior to that I had many migraine and blinding type headaches and loss of balance. Recovery was very slow and hampered by internal shingles and lymph node infection. I was assured after the craniotomy fenestration that everything had been removed. Following surgery I had headaches and neck pain but not like the previous pain. My balance improved. Six months later I began having balance issues again and headaches. Nine months post surgery the migraines started and balance decreased. A recent MRI showed a posterior arachnoid cyst 2.54 cm in size had grown back. I am doing physical therapy to improve my balance.

    I have read that it is rare for the arachnoid cyst to grow back. I am asking if anyone else has experienced this and what treatment course was followed.

    Sister, I have MS and don't know anything about your problem. I just wanted to welcome you and wish you well.

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK