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Hello from France (csf leak)

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    Hello from France (csf leak)

    Hi everyone,
    I am a young mother from France. My son was born on august 24th. I had an epidural followed by a csf leak. Headaches were so bad I was unable to care for my son. 2 days after giving birth they finally figured our what was wrong with me and I had a blood patch. At first it was way better but now I am experiencing dizziness when I am up and my head still feels weird. I thought the blood patch would get me back to normal immediately but I guess not. I hope it is just my body adjusting because this is seriously horrible. I have a little baby and cannot care for him properly. I am so glad to have found this forum and I hope to share experiences with you guys.

    ((((((nininou)))))) ~

    To BrainTalk!

    I'm so glad that you found us, but so sorry that you are struggling with with symptoms associated with your csf leak.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with csf leaks or blood patches. I would strongly recommend, however, that you call your physician and request an appointment, or go to the nearest ER (I have no idea how health care works in France, just that it has often been ranked among the best care in the world).

    I would think that hormonal changes might be a consideration for you, since your son's birth is quite recent. Perhaps the blood patch works differently in your circumstance?

    Be sure to explain all of your symptoms explicitly, and your concern about dizziness, when caring for your infant son.

    You need to take care of yourself first, so that you are able to care for your son. As a Mom, I encourage you to contact your physician(s) for professional advice and treatment.

    Please check back in and give us an update.

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


      that was good advice Rose gave you. I hope you are better and will return to us with good news that you are better now. Best wishes for you and wee baby.