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    Hello from Australia

    Hi guys..
    I'm Georgia from Adelaide, South Australia. I'm 26 years old and in the beginning of January I had an MRI to check if I had nerve damage to my neck. For some reason I mentioned to my orthopedic surgeon that I was having really bad headaches, nausea, personality changes and slurring of speech plus confusion with choosing words to use when talking. She said they'd throw in a brain MRI while they were doing my spine and neck. So I collected my results later in February and I was told the good news was there was no orthopedic reason for my shoulder pain but the bad news is that I have a cyst. On my brain?? I asked. Yeah, don't worry though, they're really common and there's nothing to them..I was told very casually by a bone doctor. I can refer you to a neurologist, he continued, if you want. THIS cyst is totally normal and millions of people have them. If I were you I'd get the referral.
    I was still gobsmacked-i think when you hear brain and cyst, you kinda freak out a bit-so he did the referral and I left.
    I sat down outside the hospital in a state of mild shock. I'd known my headaches and other symptoms were indicative of something in my head. My general practitioner did a ct scan and it was clear. He writ me off as a drug seeker (yes-past history does indicate this but I am recovering from that) so me plus my family and friends were bothered by his attitude to my personality changes and severe headaches.
    I had the following symptoms.
    Horrid headache centered in the top of my head. Nausea that got worse at night. Leaking left eye. Paranoia, increasing of depression, dizziness, fatigue, odd taste in mouth, slurring speech, anger, confusion, anxiety, not acting 'myself'..memory loss.
    I have yet to see a neurosurgeon (appointment is set for 1st April-im on the semi urgent list (so much for the orthopedic guy's summation of it-my gp nearly fell off his chair when I happened to mention it to him-possibly imagining negligence scenarios and court room dramas as he didn't order an mri or investigate my complaint further and that was just it to him-i was a "complaint in the butt!!"-)
    I was told about cyst beginning of February. Its now 19th march. In that space I've been put on some heavy duty anti inflammatory drugs for increased icp, painkillers shoved at me like lollies..and some newer, scarier symptoms and worsening current ones.. Like not being able to walk in a straight line. Staggering. My paranoia is getting to the point where I think every text is my boss telling me I'm fired (I have not done anything to be fired for). I'm seeing things around the house I don't recognize and I'm experiencing disturbed sleep..I'm depressed and feeling incredibly confused. I'm panicking a lot.
    I also think I have a colloidal cyst, judging by where mine is to where others are located.

    Welcome to BrainTalk, bungholekitty!

    I'm so sorry you are having all these problems. There is a colloid cyst forum here, although it hasn't been busy lately. at the top of the page, there are archives to past posts and websites about colloid cysts. You might find this helpful:

    the link to the archives at top of page: Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

    and here are 2 links to colloid cyst articles:
    Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...
    Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

    A neurosurgeon is the right place to start. I hope the neuro doctor is more helpful than your orthopedic surgeon. You also mention a leaking left eye. You might ask your neurosurgeon about "cerebral spinal fluid" leak, but I'm just taking a guess here as I'm not a doctor.

    Congratulations on your recovery! Hold your head up and don't be discouraged by doctors who see you as a drug seeker. You know you aren't. I know it's hard to have all these problems and wait for an answer and be disappointed when you don't get one. I hope your neurosurgeon gives you some answers, if not, keep looking for a doctor that will!

    Best wishes, kitty. Please post back and tell us how things went.

    Once again, welcome to BrainTalk!


      Welcome to Brain Talk. I am so glad that the ortho sent you for an MRI. I am sorry that you have the cyst but isn't it good to have an answer?

      Please let us know what your Neuro says.

      Best to you,
      There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK


        Welcome to BT :)
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          See a neuro ... SOON!


            bungholekitty, stay strong, and know that there is a community here to support you at all times!


              , kitty. I see you followed Mod#7's advice to check out colloid cyst forum, but haven't posted since. So how did the appointment go?