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    Just attitude adjusted

    Hello fellow peeps,
    So glad to find a group of those having experienced an SAH. I can totally relate as I had the worst headache of my life on September 30th of 2022. So to the ER I went, then Life Flighted to main campus hospital. Fortunately I could be operated on quickly, which saved my life and for that I am grateful. Before I could get out of ICU I came down with meningitis. After five weeks I was released to long term rehabilitation, where I stayed for four more weeks. I feel like I've been on a long screwed up journey. And since none of us received a handbook how to manage all this "hit or miss" has been the order of the day.

    I have a cerebral angiogram scheduled for for next month. what is this test about right?? The best information I could find was on this very sight. And knowing all about it helps me understand the moves my doctor has made and why. Again .. For this I am grateful.

    I have lost very little basic everyday functionality. My body is overall much weaker from being in a hospital bed for so long. However physical therapy has helped a lot. Then of course I have occupational and speech therapy weekly. Which does wonders when dealing with brain fog and concentration issues. To look at me you wouldn't think anything about me is abnormal. But I am not the same person as many of you have shared. We now know a little too much about what could happen when you weren't paying attention. This event caused a mini mid-age crisis unbeknownst to my family members. Everyone else was high fiving because I made it through all that and lived. And here I was imagining all the other what-ifs that could happen. I suppose it's only natural to think that way momentarily, but this too passes.

    So I lucked up and found Brain Talk which has provided me with more information than my doctors have. I have read through many of the posts from the past but they are just as relevant now as they were then. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this community over the years. I found great comfort in the information shared. But I will admit that some of it scared the bejebbers out of me.

    Thank you so much for Sharing,

    Welcome, Jacqub52!

    I believe you're new to BrainTalk, not returning from an absence?

    New members are always appreciated--and as you may know, this place was thronging with people for many years, and many of the people were very well informed.

    For readers who might not know, SAH = subarachnoid hemorrhage, and I'm so sorry you had such a rough time. I have a special interest in SAH as my daughter had that condition.

    It sounds as if some of the scarier moments in your exploration of information about SAH involved realizing how little is really known, even to experts in the field. At least that's been the way it has been for me as I read up on MS. But there is a plus side to that realization. If you're aware that doctors may be almost as much in the dark as you are about how to treat your condition or what's causing your symptoms or whatever, then you are the one who is very much in charge. The doctor gets put right where he/she should be--pretty much in the background, overseeing your care, prescribing as needed, and above all (we hope) listening to what you're saying. But not predicting your future, not holding the reins, not pretending to be a god.

    Hope you'll let people here know how things are going for you, and maybe you can drum up some more people with an interest in SAH who will join you on the Stroke forum. Now that I know you might be looking in, I'll try to stay on the lookout for information on that condition.
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