I have often wondered how many people have questioned when they look at the world, do they see the same thing as the person next to them? Do they ask how their perception differs from mine? Does their world the same? What do they see when they look at the color red?

In reflecting on this, and everything the brain is responsible for; our whole life. Keeping our bodies alive so we can consciously perceive the world around us. Then of course that brain processes that world and interprets it for us, an allows us to communicate and socialize with others it perceives, and tells us that there are in it. Of course we believe it, why not, it's our brain, we trust it!!!

When we acknowledge this, we can find it easier to empathize with the extreme problems like dementia. When a person can no longer make connections with the world outside of their head.

Really everybody out there has s private world of their own, in it, you have your values, your likes, emotions, and your needs. You feel them. They are you. They are your brain. Only you feel them, nobody els knows or feels them like do. They are unique. It helps shape a person's world.