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Thread: Time for another poll about the sticky threads?

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    Default Time for another poll about the sticky threads?

    I didn't want to put up another poll about this unless it's what is wanted. A while back we had a poll about whether we wanted the four sticky threads imported from the old board.

    We agreed to do another poll later, after the board had settled down more and we'd had a chance to live with the stickies and see if we still wanted them.

    There are currently 5 sticky threads that could be removed. I'm sure no one wants the Forum Archives sticky to be removed, but the other five threads could be voted on.

    What do people want? Another poll now? Or wait a while?
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    Well, personally I am fine with the way things are. At least if the others are there we can get to them if we want to. If they completely go away, then it is too late.

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    It seems like a lot of stickys at the top, but it isn't hurting anything and newbys may still want to see them. If it aint broke, why fix it..
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    I would keep the websites, books and forum archives.
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