My friend, who I asked that everyone pray for is coming home Saturday or Sunday (10/29-30). They done the surgery and found that her shunt was not working, so they removed it, and also that the cyst had reformed in her ventricles. He removed the cyst and decided to externalize the shunt. Last night, they clamped the drain off for 24 hours. They went for a CT scan today, and found that her ventricles were not swollen and that the CSF was draining naturally. When they seen that the CT scan was good, they REMOVED THE SHUNT!!!!! She is, for now, SHUNT FREE!!!!!! I am so excited for her!!!! Hopefully, she will never have to have a shunt again!!!!! I am so excited for her!!!!! I just can't put into words how excited I am!!!! Thank you everyone who prayed for her!!!