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    Red face Greetings

    ))))))))))))))))Greetings all(((((((((((((((((((((
    Good to have found you again.
    I can't say i like the changes much but then do we ever ?
    I expect i'll get used to it.
    Back to hospital appointments (not mine this time only in my role of carer for my long suffering wife.)
    She has further problems from endometreosis and it is not looking good.
    My new pill regime has me as balanced as any med combination i have been on.
    No manic episodes lately but the depression comes on and gets deep.
    Mostly been on facebook (Where iam Neil Kelman) as it was on there i first found out my Son was o.k after the big earthquake in Japan.
    I am still playing the bass guitar and finding it quite wonderful therapy.Music is very healing and trying to play is a great experience.
    It has helped me so much i can highly recommend it.
    Skype is also good as we were actually able to see each other.
    Must close now so all the best and will write again soon.

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    Hi Neil. well this is one of the posts that I read and was familiar with your name. Only from reading here for so long tho not because of posting much here tho. I was glad to know you were still around and hope you visit and post again. I wish I had taken the time to say so when I had read it then. It was probably later at night than it is now is my only excuse. Hope your family and you have no further health troubles. If you are the main caretaker remember to take time to take care of yourself.

    I haven't seen anything about the earthquake in Mexico so I am behind in the news as we were away from tv for a few days. take care of yourelf and family and update us as you can.

    I do remember the cottage,as avatar? (am I right in this, LOL I am aging fast as memory fades just as fast).

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    Red face Great

    Greetings Joy - yes i remember you from BT a while back.
    And yes you did remember my avatar .
    The small cottage you remember is a family mausoleum in London's Highgate cemetary.
    I will make a point of coming on here more often.
    Great that we are now in contact.
    Stay well and be lucky.
    Cambridge , England

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