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    I am now the state leader for the APF in state of Florida. If any of you have any issues now or in the future you would like addressed or need help with let me know. I will now be our voice to the legislation of our state. We haven't had a leader here in quite a while.
    If you would like to advocate with me, PM me. Also, I will have a face book page set up soon, so you can contact me there as well. We do have issues in our state that need fixing, so I have plenty of work to do. Any suggestions on issues you've had or just anything. I am here to be your voice, so I would love your imput.

    Have a great low pain day.

    Donna Ratliff

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    Donna, congratulations on the job. We need a voice in the gov't as too much emphasis is placed on the abusers without enough consideration of how new laws impact CPers.
    1979 spinal issues, 1993 lumbar microdisectomy L3-4, 1996 360 3 level lumbar fusion L2-5, 1999 open thoractomy fusion T8-9,
    2002 C3-7 herniations and T4-7 herniations, 2004 total disability, a new limited life

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    Congratulations! It'll be nice to have a voice in government that actually lives with CP! Although I don't live in FL, I'm rooting for you just the same! Especially since other states often play follow the leader in those type issues ;)
    -Fused L3-S1 (3 surgeries, last one 1-12-11)
    -4 Surgeries for infections, last one 2-15-11
    -T-spine 11-12 cyst, 7-8 deformity, DDD throughout, and stenosis at several levels

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    As the others have said congratulations on the job and I am sure you have got your work more then cut out for you I wish you the best of luck in your forth coming venture.


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    hello all It's been a while since my last post. I have been a member on here since 2006. I love your nice new forum page. Where is everyone? We used to be so active on here.
    Well the latest information and new laws here in FL are creating some problems with legitimate pain patients getting there meds filled every month at local pharamacies. Seems that pharmacies are thinking they know better than doctors. Doctors that are in good standing with Medical Board are being scrutinzed same as patients. Being in chronic pain is bad enough in it's self, much less patients having to travel all over to try and get their meds filled even from the pharmacy they have been using for years. If anyone is having issues with all this or would like to keep quality pain care in FL, we need you! I would love for you to join me in task of trying to get all this corrected before we have a huge health crisis like WA state is encountering. Please go to the american pain foundation website, go the leaders section, a map of the country will show and click on your state on the drop down list. There you will find your state leader and her their email address. I am the one the Tampa area. email me and I will add you to my group. You then be able to communicate with us and be updated on all new information reguarding all these problems. We are in a fight to stand up for our "rights" to timely, effective pain care. We can not let our local governments control us and every single thing in our lives. I hope to see you join us in our task. Thank you all and have a low pain day.

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