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Thread: Missouri School to Drug Test Entire Student Body

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    Looking back at this post, I say test the whole Faculty too. I am quite sure that there would be some positive results and in addition they should test for ETOH (alcohol levels in the blood that carry on for a week or so, I BET it would show up a lot of alcohol use - bunch of hypocrites, I would NEVER submit to an U/A in school, I got my degree and it was a non issue what you did on your PERSONAL time. Problem with MJ is that if you smoke regularly, it can take 3 to 60 day to clear your system and they use that fact to bash you - states where it is legal for medical, recreational use are supposedly out of the loop BS. They do not teach history or government or civics anymore, my belief is that the current generation has the right to question authority or that they have the right to. But they don't know that. because they are Not taught - I am old school and know my rights - do our young people - some do , but most don't. a shame that. Anyway, came across this old post and had to comment.
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    Hi Alex, as a patient I wanted to say that you need not worry, it is not just the young people. I see it every week an army of middle aged and elderly passing among the younger patients and they do know their rights and they are willing to fight for them. Here every dispensary, safe transfer points, and I think head shops are supposed to shut down around Dec. 15 until the local governments can get their heads outta their butts.

    I hope you are faring well friend.

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