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Thread: VEEGT monitoring?

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    Hi Dave,

    I haven't needed a VEEG since '02, before surgery, and don't have any scheduled. I replied to this thread, to tell about the testing I've been through. I've had my neuro's. page bookmarked for over 9 yrs. now, that's where I got the info.

    When I saw my neuro. last month, I begged to lower keppra. She said she didn't think it would be best, but I could lower it 500 mgs., and give it a try. I woke up last Monday, seeing my pillow on the floor, so I know I had a nocturnal. It didn't cause any after affects. Been having simple partials almost every day since then, which have caused some trouble with my memory. She was right that lowering it wouldn't be best, so I decided to add the 500 mgs. back today.
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    Default AEDs after surgery

    How much Keppra are you taking? I had successful surgery in 1998 and was on 2,000 mg Keppra throughout those years. I also would have a rare aura. In late 2010 my doc suggested lowering my Keppra. I did it very gradually. I don't know fast you did it, but fast is not good! I did it by increments of 250 mg and stayed on each decrease for a week at least. I am now taking 1,000mg a day and the rare auras have stooped too. In times of stress I might consider adding 250 mg but not until I think that it would be better than now. To much med can cause seizures! A general neuro may not know that and not care! DO NOT assume he/she does. Their goal is to keep to meds going. That's is all that is in their tool box. If you needed less meds, you may need less appts, and they make less money! Same reason they do not refer us to Comprehensive Centers sooner if at all. That's reality. Tattoo

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    I've been taking AED's for a long time. I tried 5 other drugs before keppra, and know how to lower a dose correctly. I've been seizure free, and feeling fine, since I got my dose back to where it was.

    Did you have a temporal lobectomy or resection? I had to have a resection, to remove scar tissue and the left hippocampus, My focal point was on my dominant side, close to the speech/lang/memory area. I wasn't put on the list of surgery candidates until my results on the Wada. The conclusion after all the testing was, that I most likely wouldn't be totally seizure free after. Even though I was told that, I wasn't afraid to give it a try. I'm glad your surgery was successful.

    Four years after surgery, since I'd been doing well, there was no longer a need to see my neuro. 2x/yr., at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. The past 5 yrs., I've seen her every 12 mos., and get the levels checked when I see her. If in between the appts., I have a feeling a level may be high, I can get it checked at the local hospital, then faxed to her.

    Some are lucky to get their doses lowered a lot more after surgery, or get totally off meds. Then there are some who aren't as lucky. My neuro. cares about her patients, and is not one to keep patients on a higher dose, if it's not necessary. There are epi's at that hospital, but I don't believe it's necessary to switch drs. Since there's been new meds. on the market the past few yrs., an epi may want me to try something else. No reason to start playing with other meds., when I've been doing well on what I'm taking.
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    Life's greatest gifts are often found in friendships.

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