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Thread: What Happened to Neuromuscular?

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    Default What Happened to Neuromuscular?

    What happened to the Neuromuscular Forum in memory of our old friend Rose Marie?

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    Hi frodo2

    While the forum was fairly active awhile ago, recently it had become a ghost town. There was not enough recent activity to warrant it's recreation here. When we moved servers and upgraded the software, we (Dan, David, and myself) decided to prune the inactive forums and reduce clutter and load times. If we get enough people wanting the forum to be recreated we can do that.
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    Answer: You are in the "registered users" user group. This group is very limited in what it can do. This will annoy spammers to no end Just keep posting once you have been registered for 30 days and have made 11 posts your account will be "unlocked".

    It's really easy to put someone on ignore and it's strongly recommended that you do so with people who's posts you don't like.

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    Easy peasy and will lower your blood pressure. One important note though, this won't hide quoted posts. It's an oversight on the developers part and it's not an easy thing to "fix." So if someone quotes someone you have ignored, you'll see the quote.

    Alternatively when you click on a person's name and view their profile page, underneath their avatar, there is a option that says, "Ignore this person". Click that link and then click the yes button.

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    Default That's a shame.

    This used to be a happening place until the server crashed under John. He solicited donations from us for a new one to which we all gave freely. Incidentally, I've been here since the late 1990's in spite of what the header says. Rosie was a courageous individual, it's a shame she's been forgotten. Thanks for your reply.

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