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Thread: PBS special on Tourette's!

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    Default PBS special on Tourette's!

    Tomorrow a show called "Different is the new normal:My life with Tourette's" will air at 8:00pm on PBS. I'm watching it!!!!

    What's new on THIRTEEN?

    Different is the New Normal: Living A Life with Tourette's - Thursday, 9/15 at 8pm
    Meet Ariel Small, a 17-year-old who has struggled with Tourette syndrome — and others’ intolerance and misperceptions about it — throughout his life.
    Why You Should Watch:
    This emotional first-hand account was filmed to raise awareness about the disorder and help others living with it.
    Watch a preview
    "Different is the New Normal: Living a Life with Tourette's"

    Ariel Small grew up in suburban Chicago with four siblings and loving parents. However, as Ariel grew older, his parents noticed something different. His behavior became more and more alarming. "Different Is the New Normal" tracks trials and triumphs of Ariel Small, a 17-year-old who has struggled with uncontrollable tics caused by Tourette Syndrome – and others' intolerance throughout his life. The film reveals an acutely personal first-hand account of Tourette's through the eyes of Ariel Small. With his permission, his mother Robin turned the camera on him to document their emotional journey to overcome the obstacles of Tourette's in order to raise awareness about the disorder and help others living with the condition. Along the way, Ariel meets James Durbin, American Idol finalist, whose own battle with Tourette's make him realize that anything is possible.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for posting. Will watch it now.

    OK, watched it.

    In two minds about the show.

    "Different is the new Normal"? Not sure I quite like that terminology myself, but that's not about me.

    Hey, it's OK to Tic.

    Well done, Ariel!
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