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    I am so glad that all the work is being done on this community, it makes my heart smile! I'm dee I just celebrated my 2 year annie! Yeah! Its been an amazing, wonderful,lonely,scary as heck journey.I not only changed mentally and emotionally but my annie and all the wonderful changes it brought to my brain saved me from a 22 year abusive marriage ! Yeah it wouldn't take crap like the old me did. Only down side of it was made for a verry lonely and confusing as hell recovery....ok to be honest I haven't had the chance to even begin to recover I have had to start a whole new life for my son and I and I dont even know who I am. I just keep hanging on to God and hope he wont let my son see how scared and alone I really feel! I am just getting so frustrated by family members who forget what has happened and belittle you for your capabilities. or even refer to you as stupid!
    I guess I am looking for some kind of support I have not been so handy @ finding any so once again I feel alone.....well me and my sidekick Gadgy (my lasa apsa) will just kick it. Thanks again for the awesome community!

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    Hey dee, honey, you will Never be alone on here,, this is a new brain talk so we are all finding our way here after a short break from the old site.I know of people who have changed after their surgery and trust me the biggest problem is the spouse that can't deal , so they find ways to bail. You will be fine, you will stand a little taller a lot stronger you will be fine because you are a survivor, you hear me, you are a survivor and you will make your way, a new way that brings happiness to you and your son. Believe in your self, you know what you have endured and so do we, a lot of times marriages suffer because the spouse doesn't want to have to deal with the new you , the you that survived a brain aneurysm, you are
    awesome, some times something like this can give you the extra strength to do what should have been done a LoNG time before.Believe in you, you are stronger and the worst is behind you, I really know what I am talking about.Good luck
    Honey, keep feeling that strength and that survivor that you are, hugs, GING :)
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    Hi Dee! I know that I have had to deal with lots of physical and emotional changes since my clippings. Some good, some bad. I finally stand up for myself. I guess, I have just developed an intolerence for some of the ways that I feel I am being treated. I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself and your son and getting out of a situation that was not healthy! You are obviously very strong!!!! You are very blessed. It is hard to believe sometimes, but you truly are! You are a survivor :)

    I know that some days are a lot harder than others, but please remember that we are here (off and on) and we know how you feel with regards to the ups and downs of recovery. It is not an easy road, especially without emotional support. Most people are not able to understand how hard this is on us. The after effects continue to go on, long after we look fine! It is easy for others to forget because we are able to act fine and our "boo boo's" are on the inside. I have had a hard time just trusting that all is okay. I felt betrayed by my own body, and now how can I ever believe that things will be fine. I thought they were before all of this happened. Thank goodness that I have everyone of y'all to help me realize that we are all this boat together
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