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    Default Happy Thanksgiving!

    ((((((Thanksgiving HUGS to All)))))) ~

    Every day, I endeavor to count our blessings and give thanks for the gifts in our life. For materials things, such as our home, our appliances, our van, the clothes, food, and supplies we need. For everything, which makes our life a bit easier, such as Jonís supplies, nursing service, medical coverage, and caring physicians. For the paradise, where we live, with dependable perfect weather and abundant sunshine (rain is a blessing we need).

    I pray with gratitude daily for the wonderful people in my life ~ my precious boys, my devoted, loving husband, and our fabulous friends. I give thanks that I was led to BrainTalk, and Mama Sue encouraged me to join CN, where I met all of you and your beautiful children and families. How grateful I am for the many incredible friends I have met throughout BT, and for all of the support our family has received here, and for all that I have learned from every courageous member of our community.

    On Thanksgiving, I reflect on the blessings of the past year, and this one holds a multitude.


    My Men ~

    Jon does not have lymphedema anymore.
    Thus far, no hospitalization.
    Jon is happy, and his overall health has improved.
    Jon has an amazing Physical Therapist, along with his awesome nurses and podiatry gals.
    We have somewhat conquered the over-peeing issue, as we now place a folded underpad under Jonís man bits. Less sheet changes. His shirts still get wet, but sometimes we can get by with only 2 a day, which is an improvement from 5.

    Jim is gaining weight, after we figured out what was causing his gastrointestinal distress.
    (It was honey. Way, way, way too much honey in his numerous cups of tea per day.)

    My Injury ~

    On Sunday, Nov. 9, I skidded on a slick sidewalk on my morning walk and injured my knee. It was terrifying, because I am not a young woman anymore. Lots of swelling and some pain. We feared a torn ligament, ACL, meniscus, or a break. My foot was elevated, with ice, and compression, and I was taking Advil, while Jim took care of Jon and me. Jim was getting NO sleep. I was able to limp, slide, to the bathroom and back to my chair or bed using walls and furniture to steady me.

    Tuesday morning at 7:30, one of our dearest friends, who had driven 14 hours straight to get to us, appeared on our back patio. She didnít tell us she was coming. We have not seen her for 11 1/2 years. She took over caring for me, helping with Jon, cooking, doing laundry, shopping/running errands, for 4 days. When she left, I was on my feet again, being very careful, with a knee brace, focusing solely on Jonís care.

    Now, I am back to normal ~ cleaning, laundry, cooking, although being careful and aware of my vulnerable knee. I traverse our stairs sideways, one foot at a time, holding on to the railing. I continue to wear a knee brace. I have no swelling or pain.


    We have a friend, who dropped what she was doing when she heard about my injury and drove 14 hours to help us. Thatís an amazing friend.

    My friend and I spent 4 solid days together talking, laughing, hugging, and catching up, like on a vacation.
    We actually sat on the patio and ate chocolate bon bons for a half hour one afternoon.
    My knee wasnít severely injured, and I am walking again, when I feared all kinds of medical issues.
    Jon was able to spend time with a woman heís loved for 30 years! And she brought him new movies!
    I spent hours in Jonís room watching those movies with him, while my friend cooked and did laundry!
    Jim, while he didnít sleep well due to our talking and being active during his sleep shift, was relieved of caring for me and Jon for 6 or so hours of rest each day, while she was here.
    The mile high stacks of laundry are gone, and Iím able to keep up with the loads now.

    Changes in the System ~

    Thankfully, I didnít need medical care for my knee, but if I did, I now have Medicare. I havenít had health insurance for nearly 30 years, so this is very big deal to me.

    IHSS ~ Two new laws were passed.

    Jon receives 66 hours/week for his care, which we provide. The new law requires that we are paid overtime for any hours beyond 40 hrs/week. For 26 hrs/week, we will be paid time and a half.

    For the past 6 or so years, IHSS hours have been cut, and wages have been lowered. So this is just an incredible advancement in the program. And of course, it will increase our income, for which we are extremely grateful.

    The other law stipulates that non-union members are no longer required to pay ďfair shareĒ dues to the union. This follows from a Supreme Court decision about the IHSS union in Illinois. This is why the union reps were beating down our door last Spring. They wanted to reel me in to keep taking the dues out of my paycheck. That stopped in June. And, Iím very grateful.

    Environmental Challenges ~

    We survived a major, petrifying earthquake.

    And weeks of aftershocks.

    We have termites. Well, that is not a blessing, of course, but there must be a reason for it. I have no idea what that reason is, because ridding our home of these varmints is going to involve quite a bit of effort on our part.

    Despite the drought and strict regulations on water usage, many of our plants are doing well. Our grass isnít.

    We got our van repainted. Jim installed our new mailbox and gorgeous side gate. A little curb appeal upgrade.

    We made it through another year! That is the biggest blessing of all!

    Now, for anyone, who is so inclined, please share the blessings you're counting this Thanksgiving ~

    Thank you for your prayers, love, support and friendship!

    Love & Light,


    Mom to Jon, 48, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003 and now resides in Heaven. Our Angel Jon lives at home with me and Jim, the world's most wonderful Dad.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all other American BTers, Rose! Although not officially thanksgiving here, it is always good to count one's blessings:

    - Thankful for my health and not having to be on any sort of thyroid regulator or beta blocker currently.
    - Thankful for my family - though across the sea in a different country, they always support me from afar.
    - Thankful for my friends, old and new. Even though I "fell out" with a good friend earlier in the year, I have met some great people.
    - Thankful for my flatmates. Living with people you genuinely like is important, and we have had a lot of laughs this year!
    - Thankful for the opportunity to finish my university studies, even though it has been the most challenging year to date.
    - Thankful for the opportunity to work and gain experience in the law field. I have had four different paid positions at different times throughout the year, two fixed-term and two casual. Considering that in February, I had none, that is pretty great.
    - Thankful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in my community. I was heavily involved in running a club on my university campus focused on activating other students to volunteer and I think we did some really positive things. Also getting to travel to Mexico in April and discussing how we can make the world a better place with amazing people from all over the world.
    - Thankful I have accommodation sorted out for next year, and that I can maintain my independence within that.
    - Thankful my dad has a job again even though it will split the family temporarily.
    - Thankful for the opportunity to explore life beyond university, even though it is very scary and uncertain.
    - Thankful my hometown continues to recover from the earthquake it experienced 4 years ago -- things are slowly getting rebuilt, the main square in the city is open again and there are more and more events happening!
    - Last but not least, thankful for the internet and the relationships it facilitates, particularly with all of you!!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day. One of my goals is to make it to the US for a thanksgiving meal - looks spectacular!
    Enjoying the excitements of life. Looking forward to what's to come! What a ride!

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    How wonderful to read your thankful reflections, Rose and Erin!!!

    I'm like Erin, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving this week, but I am thankful for many blessings, so here are:

    I am thankful that my family is healthy - me, Jim, Nick and Natalie
    I'm thankful that Nick's recent allergic reaction and his swollen arm (suspected blood clot) all resolved without any problem or hospitalization
    I'm thankful that Nick has the wonderful care of loving helpers because I am no longer able to manage his care - I struggle to lift his head off the pillow when he is excited!
    I'm thank that Natalie has found her passion in studying American material culture and that she has a lovely boyfriend who is kind
    I'm thankful to have my Mom and my sister as well as our extended family, all of whom I love and love us
    I'm thankful for living in a free and democratic country where I can have a voice on issues that I feel passionate about
    I'm thankful for national healthcare
    And finally, I am thankful for my friends in Canada, in Europe, in the USA and my cyber friends - I love you all!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Donna, Mum to Natalie (22), ablebodied, kind and beautiful and Nicholas(26), severe CP, non-verbal, tube fed, multiple surgeries, chronic pain, happy kid except when the Liverpool football club or the Ottawa Senators Hockey Team are losing!
    Check out my blog:

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    Thumbs up

    ((((((Erin & Donna)))))) ~

    I give thanks for all of the wonderful blessings for which you give thanks!

    Yesterday, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, which is our tradition, and a little football, and the dog show! Jim helped me chop veggies, before he went to bed. We had Tofurkey stuffed with rice, surrounded with onions and celery, and basted with butter/oil/veggie broth, and parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (and yes, I sing while I make it ), potatoes, carrots, beet salad, and Tofurkey gravy. 'Twas yummy!

    Every day is Thanksgiving Day!

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 48, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003 and now resides in Heaven. Our Angel Jon lives at home with me and Jim, the world's most wonderful Dad.

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    Donna, Rose, and Erin, What wonderful reflections on all the blessings you have experienced.
    Rose, I think I mentioned that my mom had fallen on her knees too, she was not as lucky and spent almost a week in the hospital and 3 weeks in a rehab. She didn't break anything but since it involve both knees she couldn't walk. Thankfully she went home with a walker on Wednesday. So glad you had a great friend to come and take care of you. Not the best way to get a rest but it sounds like she made it a very peaceful stress free recovery.
    We have so much to be thankful for in our family. Each and every healthy day. Thankful that although Kathleen has some health issues she is generally very happy. Thankful that I have 2 very successful healthy children who are working in their educated profession.
    We had a wonderful quiet Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her husband. I absolutely love making this dinner! Kelly and I shopped at 5am Friday and got a start on Christmas shopping.
    Mary Grace

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    ((((((Mary Grace)))))) ~

    You and Kelly shopped on Black Friday?! How did that go? I don't shop in the real world any longer. I order everything on line, and I have for years. Do not miss the crowds, or carrying bags of purchases, or trying to find our van in the parking lot.

    So glad that you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving.

    Your mom has my empathy and sympathy. Both knees! I can't imagine! It might sound peculiar, but witch hazel helped me tremendously. I just pour it onto a paper towel and then put that on my knee. Reduces inflammation. Best if done immediately, which I did. I just kept it on my knee, and when it dried, I poured more witch hazel onto the paper towel. Once inflammation was down, I switched to Aspercreme for the warmth. That helped quite a bit too.

    Sending healing prayers for your mom to recover full mobility soon.

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 48, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003 and now resides in Heaven. Our Angel Jon lives at home with me and Jim, the world's most wonderful Dad.

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    Hi & Happy Thanksgiving weekend! :)

    I loved reading everyone's blessings and will add my own:

    *I am so thankful to have online friends to talk medical stuff with...I see with Brian what can happen when one can't unload the stress.
    *I am thankful for my family, that help us whenever we need help with the kids.
    *I am thankful that Caitlin is having the healthiest year since I can remember! We have not had a single night in the hospital all year this year! Yay!
    *I am thankful that the new wheelchair is coming soon!
    *I am thankful to be done with court, even though the outcome was not so great.
    *I am thankful the dog is settling down and the training is going great.

    We had a nice Thanksgiving....went to Brian's parents for lunch and just hung out there all day. When we came home, we all watched Marley & Me together. I had seen it before, but Brian & the kids had not so it was nice. They all liked it. We can relate to it well with our own Ranger! Of course they were all bawling at the end....Brian said, 'well you could have warned me', lol, I said well, maybe you needed a good cry. Thanksgiving was also my Mom's bday, but they used to work shift work and would always have thanksgiving on a different weekend so we have fallen into the habit of always going to Brian's side. I called my Mom to say happy birthday and we set up a movie date for Friday night. My Dad had gone back up north for hunting, so it was just my Mom, my sister and I. We went and saw Mockingjay Pt 1 (Hunger Games). It was awesome! And it was nice to do something just us three. Today, I went and bought a new Christmas tree. Just a slim 7ft one. I have a big 9ft one but I am not feeling as Christmassy this year and I had a bunch of walmart gift cards so I used them for that. Even better was when I put it up and was looking for the tree skirt I knew I bought last year...I opened the bin that had it in and there was a whole bin of new tree dťcor! I totally forgot that I went the day after Christmas last year to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of new stuff, all in red, just to change it up this year. I had already put clear lights on so I added the red lights to it, looks great! I also had wide red mesh ribbon and a bunch of red ornaments along with the cool tree skirt- creamy white with a red border and cardinals on the white part. It was like a surprise Christmas present to me, from me! LOL! I also wanted a smaller tree so I could put it more in a corner so hopefully the dog will leave it alone! So far so good! I did a bunch of online shopping and also was lucky to get the last ipod touch at walmart...I stopped there quick on the way to the movie just to see, plus they price matched it to the best buy ad and also gave me the $30 gift card promo they had for black Friday (which I used for the new tree today, easy come easy go!). I had Caitlin look thru the toy catalog this evening and she gave me some ideas....I was getting stumped trying to come up with ideas for her. She really needs nothing, doesn't play with toys much anymore, just her kindle. But I looked at the PAC (performing arts center) website and Annie the musical is playing there in march so I might buy us tickets for that for a surprise from Santa! I think she would enjoy that!

    Lisa O.
    Lisa O: mom to Caitlin (14-CP, VA shunt, seizures), Brandon (12), Tyler (10), Logan (7) babies are all getting so old!!

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