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    New insurance plan year started June 1. Renewal of Lamictal requires prior authorization and we were off to the races. I CANNOT BELIEVE how many times I've had conflicting answers from insurance vs prescription provider. We finally got that one sorted out, and now we're on to the same thing for Keppra! which is the same situation, but is somehow taking much longer. This is the difference between paying $50 and $1100/month in the case of Keppra. I CANNOT seem to get the same answer from anyone. My neuro's office has been most helpful, but every time we think it's all worked out and the pharmacy runs it, they get the higher cost.

    The pharmacy has been good about giving him some extra pills while we sort this, but today is basically IT.

    One says the PA is written for brand, one says it's for generic (I ask you, why would I need authorization for a generic?).
    One says they think the patient is requesting brand, and I confirm (again) that it is the doctor requiring brand.

    I really could just cry at this point, I am so frustrated.

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    Hi Rabbit,

    It's great to see you here again : ) I'm sorry about the problem with your prescription. I've had the same thing happen to me so now each time when the Dr. writes out a prescription
    or faxes it to the pharmacy I request a copy of it that way they can't give me any garbage or mess with the prescription. Sometimes they will tell me in the pharmacy that the Dr . didn't
    order a brand name and that's when I get the prescription out and show them where the Dr. wrote DAW (despense as written) that when I have them cornered.

    I couldn't believe it today I picked up my vimpat for 3 months and if I had to pay for it in cash I would have had to pay almost $2500.00. I was surprised how expensive it was.
    If your insurance co. is giving you a hard time report them to the state insurance agency in your state and they will check into things so everything is correct at no cost to you.
    I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!


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