I'm back to this site again, searching for more answers on my never-ending quest to find a definitive diagnosis!

I am not content to accept my neurologists' diagnosis of Multiple Chronic Daily Headaches, possibly Migraines. My headaches were precipitated by a dural puncture during a routine cervical epidural in 2008, and I've gone thru 5 1/2 years of testing, blood patches, nerve blocks, Botox, spinal taps and rx, rx, rx.

My neuro suggested I travel to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona to Dr. David Dodick. His specialty is Chronic Daily Headaches and Migraines.
Has anyone sought treatment with Dr. Dodick? I would be happy to hear about your experiences, and what I can expect from Mayo Clinic.
I'm not anxious to undergo all those procedures again, but if a diagnosis is found it will be worth all the pain.

Thank you to anyone responding, and as always, all bloggers are in my thoughts and prayers.
- Marianne