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    Hi! My name is Iman and I am 28 years old. I recently found out that I have an aneurysm in my Basilar artery. It is fusiform in shape and pretty large; 20 x 14 x 12 mm, and they say it looks to be pressing against the brain stem. I have no symptoms and it was found accidentally. I am scheduled for an angiogram in two weeks time, does anyone know if it is painful? My doctor also mentioned "flow-diverter" as a possible intervention alternative if it comes to that, does anyone here have any experience with this procedure?

    Even though I am a last year medical student I feel completely lost. I don't know if I want it intervened since I am symptom-free and have a lot to lose. Although the neurosurgeon allowed me to see the scans that were taken and the aneurysm was the size of a strawberry :/ I really do not know what to do, any kind of advice would be much appreciated.



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    Hello Iman,

    I had a ruptured basilar aneurysm. The angio isn't painful. They give you meds to relax you. The hardest part is the lying in bed for four to eight hours after. You would have a lot more to lose if the aneurysm ruptured. Most aneurysms are found by accident. I had no symptoms before mine ruptured and it was only 7 mm. Please don't mess around with it unless your doctor advises you to wait and watch but yours does seem pretty big.
    Take care,

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    Hi my name is Susan and I'm a RN, I had a ruptured aneurysm 6 years ago and almost died so I would not take it lightly. I'm not trying to scare you but I think you should do what the N/S tell you and I will be thinking about you. Stay strong!!

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    Thank you Susan and Dawn!

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