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Thread: Bob Snodgrass Died Unexpectedly on April 11

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    Default Bob Snodgrass Died Unexpectedly on April 11

    hey everyone here in TN!

    i was sorry to see this go through my facebook feed this morning:

    In Memory of Bob Snodgrass
    April 11

    My brother Bob passed-away unexpectedly on April 11th. I feel destroyed inside. I don't believe I will ever be the same again. I'll Love and miss you forever Dear Brother!
    bob snodgrass.jpg

    i know bob frequently posted in this column, for TN was his disease. bob was a prolific tweeter and i will miss him. he had a great care for people all over the world being able to have access to clean water. he had an irreverent humor that he also showed on facebook.

    may you rest in peace bob, free from pain.
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    How sad, I remember Bob so well from the days on this forum, along with my dearest friend Nancy.
    The forum seems very quiet these days.
    I often think of everyone who used to post.
    I am still in contact with Nancy (Baywatcher) she will be sad to hear about Bob.

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    BNobn sure had his sghare and more of pain. I have had bout5s of TN and I knew as painful as mine was B obs had to be far worse because of it being of both sides. and such trouble his medicine caused him at times. He was such a nice person and I have nothing but sympathy for his family and friends.

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