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Thread: Upper Cervical Chiropractic stopped my TN

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    Default Upper Cervical Chiropractic stopped my TN

    I have written before, but I feel as if I need to re-issue my comments for any new members. I've had TN since 1999. Have had an MVD (didn't work) and 2 rhizotomies (didn't work, made it worse). But Upper Cervical Chiropractic stopped my pain. UCC is NOT like regular chiro. UCCs have additional training and should be board certified. They DO NOT bend, twist or pop you in any way. If your C-1 vertebra is not in alignment, it could have influence on your trigeminal nerve. Please, please, please consider seeing a UC Chiro especially if you are considering doing anything invasive or involving drugs. Since my UC Chiro put 'my head on straight', I have been out of pain and it will be 3 years this coming April 2014. Look for a UCC from this list: Please consider this. TN pain is unbearable and you never forget it. Good luck.

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    I'm glad it worked for you, but for other members sake, I must warn that there is a risk of damage by these providers. Personally, I tried it and was left with disc herniations. There is also a definitive link between upper cervical chiropractic and hemerogenic strokes. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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