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Thread: THE HAIKU AND POEM CAFE: Sit down and listen to us...

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    Default THE HAIKU AND POEM CAFE: Sit down and listen to us...

    A. D.owner 6

    half asleep you said,
    "jean is still pretty." something
    you never told me.

    A.D.emand 5

    in my mind i find
    your thoughts unfathomable
    stop me from drowning.

    Dealing with A.D. 4

    necessary lies
    undeniably define
    our remaining time.

    A.D.ream 3

    to sleep, always sleep
    always dream...memories passed
    where are you today?

    A.D.elusion 2

    hick'ry, dick'ry, dock
    three mice are on the!
    ghostly ghastly time.


    memories erased
    no future, no past...tick tock
    life is this moment

    AD is my series of haikus i have been writing the last 2 and a half years that my mom has been in the nursing home, slowly losing her memories to alzheimer's disease.
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