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Thread: A theory on forum woes -- slow postings- few visits

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    Default A theory on forum woes -- slow postings- few visits

    HEY___I should look before I leap or in this case type,

    this has been covered in The thread A new year and the state of BT.....

    So, I apologize for starting a new thread. Since I can't delete it though....

    This is just a WAG -- but --

    We all know about the technical issues that hit here, did not help participation rates,,,,but,,,,thinking great thoughts ,,,, ... is it the facebook syndrome that might partially be to blame?

    First, I could see a lot of folks who used to post here could do as well or better for their purposes on FB. Afterall, in my view, it got to be that tons of people just posted social posts. On FB they could connect with old friends, etc, and do the same thing and at the same time --

    BE part of the "in-crowd"

    Join all the millions of FB converts. Heck I even was drawn into FB for several months,

    But, you know, from what I read, FB is having major dropouts....

    Can it be Americans and their famously short attention spans, coupled with their desire to be part of the newest and most chic?

    Just rambling...and I must get back to the bridge,,,I promised last April to stay put there -- but then again -- never trust a troll,,,,,,
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    HBT, I think you are right about FB cutting into this site. There are even spinal and chronic pain groups on FB. I don't get involved with them as too many people are viewing our medication doses and issues. I know people can view it here too but I just find this site more private than FB.
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    Hi HBT and Mark! I wouldn't call it FB "cutting in". I just tend to think as HBT mentioned, you can connect with old friends, family and read or write about different things. As for the Groups, the DDD one I belong to is a Closed Group. Can others see my name? Sure they can. But you would have to be a Member to view what I might post. And don't get me wrong, I am not defending FB as I know it has issues. I just like to be able to discuss a variety of things and/or post what I will. I also like how easy it is to post a pic or a video for family and friends. Anyway, I am not sure why this site slowed down as much as it has; many theories I suppose. I haven't posted much here as I tend to repeat old history and things remain status quo for me. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense for me to pete and repeat unless something changes drastically. I am grateful for all the help I did receive and will always be. There is just not much new to report in my spinal world other than certain areas continue to worsen but at the moderate stage right now and being treated conservatively.
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