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Thread: Brain aneurysm clipping.

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    Default Brain aneurysm clipping.

    Hi, i am at the end of my 5th week since i had a clipping for my brain aneurysm my eyes get tired quite easily and the top of my head still feels numb and hard, has anyone experienced this?

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    Hi Kalla, I had a rupture and coiling. I did have a shunt and my head was numb for a good while where the incision was from that. Hopefully someone will come along who had a clipping to respond to you. Happy new year and welcome to BT. It has been quiet here these last few months. Shelly

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    Hi Kalla
    Yes- what you are feeling is quite normal after a clipping. I had a rupture and clipping, 6 years ago tomorrow- then a double clipping of 2 unruptured aneurysms 5 years back. I still get tired eyes if I over do it! Stay patient and make sure you get plenty of rest.

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    Hi Kalla22

    I am just over a year out. I was clipped and I still have a numb spot and still itchy.


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    Hi, I'm coming up to my 5th Annie ~versary in just about two months. My rupture was also clipped. The numbness seemed to take forever to leave. Even now, I'll feel it ever so slightly and for only a moment or two. (Hm, gives new meaning to the term 'Numbskull".) That and the occasional woosey feeling I'd get. Had one of those just this morning, as a matter of fact. Seems as if the 'body' remembers the invasion, too. At least mine does. I often used to get that rocky, dizzy, disoriented feeling right before the anniversary of the surgery. Itchy, I can relate to that, too. The hardest thing for me, I think, was the unusual 'quiet' in my head. I've always got lots going on in this brain of mine, it almost never stops, in fact. But one day, about a year plus after my incident, I was coming downstairs from my loft office, and when I reached the first landing, turning the corner for the second flight of stairs, suddenly the "chatter" was back in my head. I felt as if I'd just turned a corner (literally and figuratively) in my recovery and that's when I knew I was back.

    All-in-all, it just takes time and rest.

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