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Thread: What's Happenin' (Part 2)

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    Hey all. Glad to see so many posts. Still able to catch up though. Oh my you guys this will be another long one. Obviously I don't get out enough.

    BIG Queenie it was so good to see you post. Short and sweet will do. I hope you are staying safe in all the horrible weather.

    Jeannie great video. Isn't it gratifying. I do soup kitchen last Friday of every month with the club I belong to, we do home cooked meals instead of the regular ones they get weekly. Sad seeing them babies coming in but thank God they have some place to go. Would love to volunteer at the local shelter or actually do some animal fostering. I'd like to rescue a very old dog so he does not live out his days in captivity. I would need a group to support me in order to do that though. Not hard here.

    Dawn I hope all goes well with your trip. Seems like you were just on one. Guess that shows how often I get here.

    Clouds I remember the posting that you were a man but I don't recall the age. Seems I remember being surprised. Watching way too much tv myself. I have cable at almost the bare minimum so there is not much on. I got an Aquarium and put a bird feeder on my porch rail. I don't need tv those two are very entertaining. So it doesn't go on until later in the day.

    Jingle I am considering getting shortcake a kitten. We are both supposed to be highly allergic but when we had Nina and all her kittens here we had no reaction. Never thought I'd be a cat person but that Nina stole my heart. She loved me too surprisingly. I still dream about her. I hope to one day see her all bedraggled at my door but I know something got her. Prolly coyotes.

    Shortcake is driving me nuts with his wanting a Corgi. Too much fur. My babies don't shed and what little they do you can't even tell. Not to mention the cost of the dog alone. Where are we going to find a free Corgi pup? Not happening.

    As for school due to his encopresis and anxiety he is doing home bound schooling so he is home everyday. We skype with his teacher twice a week. I didn't realize how depressed he was or that he was even suffering from anxiety. I knew there was something so I got him into therapy to discuss his feelings of corse you have to see a psych we tried Klonopin no effect. We stop, I go in and talk to his therapist one on one and tell her exactly what's going on she sends him back to psych who puts him on and antidepressant. I suggest Celexa and the Klonopin which helped his encopresis and doc was already there on point. Couple days later shortcake tells me that he can feel the meds working he is more outgoing, talkative, attentive, comes out of his room more often, does what I ask him to do without complaining, too much lol.

    Best of all after almost 14 yrs of encopresis we may have found his cure. He has been going without a pad and hasn't had any accidents and can actually feel when he has to have a bowel movement. He and I will have to find a way to celebrate.

    Seems like whatever could go wrong here does. Having to rely on CJ to much. I am waiting for him to finish the jobs he started with the house so he can be done. I have a softener that needs to go in. New well plumbing and pump switch. And he tore the bathroom apart to redo it but we never got it finished though it's basically usable it looks like hell then the kids moved in and we put it off because there were too many people here. Now it needs to be finished but he wants a do over. He has my garage tore up so I can't get to my building stuff, all my saws and projects are buried behind his tons of tools and equipment. Yes I know this should have been all moved out too but he has no place to put it and the house he was going to buy has horrible issues so he's looking for another. He was in a horrible accident and is still hurting, saw the car, lucky to be alive so he hasn't done much lately.

    With the kids moved out I am using my living room for the first time since I have lived here. I mostly stayed in the bedroom because CJ usually had the remote then the kids took over my house. I sat here and cried the other day because I didn't have anything to do. I just kept thinking is this all there is. THe house is relatively clean. There's yard work but with my back the way it is I am afraid to do too much until I find out what is wrong with it. Not to mention the pain that comes with every move. I have to go back to my doc and find out what the hold up is with the EMG and the MRI so I can get to the PM doc

    I am having a party on the 17th. It will be my first in over 17yrs. All the friends that stuck by me through my addiction and recovery. That sounds awkward considering I plan on drinking. Oh not much, something lemony, sparkling and in small amounts. Only takes three to take me down. I don't want to sleep through my own party lol. So pops and water in between. I invited about 30 of us though back in the day when I was Corunna Rd. Chris about 80 invites would have gone out. We've lost many to overdose, suicide, cancer, just general bad health and some have just fallen away from the group.

    Joy when you are typing in this window it auto saves everything you type you should see it every once in a while down in the corner of the box. If your post disappears you should have the option of recalling your post.

    I'm sorry is so long, seems they all have gotten that way lol.

    Love all yous, miss coming, glad I bought batteries for my keyboard.

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    Hi everybody -- I don't have a single interesting thing to say. I am always disappointed when I check in here and don't see a new post. I wonder if other people are too.
    Here we're having gorgeous weather - incredible weather for the end of June.
    I don't have a thing planned for today - I wonder if I can force myself to do some house cleaning. I doubt it. Maybe I'll make some more cookies. I do love baking and will be taking a big load to the local police for the 4th of July. Speaking of the 4th.... I wish I could take photos ... I bought some super cheap white canvas shoes at Walmart and used sparkle fabric paint to put blue stars on one shoe and red stripes on the other. Just the thing for an old woman in publi.

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