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Thread: What's Happenin' (Part 2)

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    Hi Jeannie No, I'm not a good cook. I love baking my cookies and making candy -- and I think I do a good job. BUT I can't bake a loaf of bread or make pie crust. I used to try but failed miserably, so I gave up. I own many, many spices and use them when they are called for in a recipe but I'm not adventurous. And, years ago, I collected cook books and filled some floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall shelves, but when I realized I wasn't using any except my ancient Good Housekeeping, Betty Crocker and BH&G, I started giving books
    away. Now I have them and a great assortment of COOKIE cookbooks.

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    Jeannie hopefully no more surgeries for a while. glad you are recovering so well.

    Well the last few months have taken a toll on me and I am exhausted, first my heart attack, then my truck, then my dog, MRI says I have some bulging disks, and day before yesterday I broke my right leg. Nurse says broke but it is a fracture of my fibula. Thank God it is not a weight bearing bone and is only a fracture. So no cast. I slipped in the snow at CJ's house, did the splits but the leg that went back bent at the knee underneath me. I landed on it with all my weight. When I landed it hurt like the dickens but once CJ helped me up it started to feel like I just bruised the side of my right lower leg. After being home for about two hours the pain grew so immense that I finally called an ambulance to get to the ER. They were so packed with flu victims it was almost standing room only, other hospitals were closing their doors. I sat there for two hours crying with a broken leg. They finally took me back and parked me in the hall and gave me a Norco 5mg for pain, yeah that worked. Then they wrote me a scrip for 15 norcos told me to see the ortho surgeon that saw me in the hospital in a week. See my doc in 2-3 days.

    I am getting around on crutches but the side of my lower leg hurts pretty bad. I have gotten so used to pain that I can ignore it for the most part but I have to be careful how I move it. I can tell the muscle is seriously bruised but it has yet to turn color. According to the paperwork and xrays they say that my right knee is in bad shape since my surgery. I kind of suspected so. I will have my ortho check both my knees.

    Jingle I have a bunch of cookbooks too. I rarely use them anymore. I have some that are quite old that were my grandmothers. Little paper cover cookbooks.

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    ((((((Chris)))))) ~

    Oh no! I'm so so sorry! You are long overdue for something to go right. I hope you are getting some relief from the Norco, and that the pain doesn't cause you too much stress.

    Do you have Witch Hazel on hand? If not, perhaps CJ or someone else can get some for you at the local drug store. It's over the counter and inexpensive.

    Douse a folded paper towel with Witch Hazel, then apply the paper towel to the area of pain/bruising. If someone is getting you Witch Hazel, ask them to get you paper or cloth tape, so you can tape the paper towel to the area. You can cover it with plastic wrap to keep your clothes dry. Leave it on for as long as you like, re-moisten it occasionally.

    Witch Hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it works to reduce swelling and pain. It also reduces the bruising. That's good as it staves off blood clots. So start using it as soon as possible.

    We have used WH with great success for many injuries and even arthritic pain. It works!

    Healing prayers on the way for you, including prayers that you don't get the flu.

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 48, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003 and now resides in Heaven. Our Angel Jon lives at home with me and Jim, the world's most wonderful dad.

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    Jeannie I hope you are recovering from your surgery.

    Jingle we also collect cookbooks but we also don't use them. We always think that we are going to but don't grab them when we are looking for recipes. Betty seems to be our go to book also. Grew up with the original Betty's cookbook so when I got married my mom gave me the newer one at the time which is now 36 years old. We just use it for ideas.

    Christine I hope better days are coming for you. I'm going to stop smoking again come this next week. I just hate the start of quitting. I tell my husband that the cigs are my best friend. Their always there when I need them. Good times and bad times.

    I'm trying to get my dog trained as a therapy dog but I think that I failed the interview and he passed. I should know more next week. IT will be a 10 week training with the dog then two weeks with just me. So a lot of time to put into. I'm also going to get him certified for an emotional pet.
    Take care,

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    Sitting in front of the puter today, raising and lowering leg in chair next to me. This reallly sucks lol and I have working transportation but can't really go anywhere. If it weren't for the snow I would risk it even though it is my driving leg. I did some Googling to find out what was connected to my fibula that would affect the way it hurts in a particular way when I move it. Well gollee almost everything. Oddly enough it doesn't hurt worse when I stand straight on it. Doc says it is cause it is non weight bearing. Which is all well and good if I never planned to move it. It is referred to as my calf bone. doc wondered how on earth I managed that. Hey.....story of my life. I have to rest it with something under my ankle and something under my knee. Calf muscle pushes and pulls on the bone so I leave it hanging.

    Jeannie thank you for the list. I would like to get a little indoor herb garden going but I really don't have anywhere to put them except the living room. I guess that might work prettily. I have in my depression over the years killed the plants it took me years to grow. What would be the simplest most used to grow? Three or four that would go on shelves so some not too tall.

    I have not bothered to call the police regarding the dog next door. They passed the new dangerous dog law in my township and euthanasia is the outcome. I can't find the neighbor's number in my phone from when she called me on the 24th though it does keep a long log.

    Joined two new dog groups on FB, thinking of fostering in the spring. I really would like to have a section of the backyard fenced in but it would be aesthetically devastating to the view lol. My brother would crap. Yes it's still his house too. My oldest brother still talks to me and checks on me regularly. The youngest brother has his moments. More lately now that my mom's passing isn't so raw for him and he is getting over his resentment of me moving into the house. Middle brother still drinking, semi working for our department of human services but they don't pay him ****e for all that he does, very kind hearted alcoholic as many are, and he I rarely see thank God forgive me.

    Dawn good luck with the quitting. I hope you do well. I am not faring so well. I wanted to make it for New Year's but it didn't last long.

    Rose the Norcos do almost nothing. If I want pain relief I have to take two. I don't want to do that. I almost think that the ibuprofen would work better if I wasn't so afraid of it.I will up the dose of CBD while this heals or at least quits hurting so badly. I think I might have some witch hazel in the bathroom closet I will have to check.

    I don't know why it is but it seems that when I follow some recipes in my old books it comes out mediocre and bland I am better off just doing my own thing.

    There was more but i gotta move. TIme to plant myself.

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    clouds I wonder if the homeless are included in those numbers, would they not qualify as among the unemployed. How would they keep track. Wonder if they guesstimate.

    I finally see the ortho about my leg today. Sometimes I just sit and cry. I am so tired. Something is always wrong, needs fixing, cleaning etc..... Hopefully I will get this vest off soon. It is an annoyance. My ribs feel bruised from sleeping on the sensors. My leg hurts. Now it is more in the muscle. I don't think I tore the muscle but I sure squashed it. Also I noticed that the muscle is sore from favoring that leg so I have been doing a little PT to keep it stretched. Gentle. Maybe I can get something that actually works for the pain today. The CBD takes the edge off but barely. I don't take the norcos because they don't work unless I take two. I hate being inactive, sitting with my leg up I try to keep the other foot moving regularly to keep the blood flowing. Another little trick I learned about sitting for long periods of time. Which I think is another thing that contributed to my heart attack. Trying to save myself some pain by laying around due to my back and legs.

    I'm pretty pissed that the police closed the case on the neighbor dog. They told me to call animal control lol. Again. So I call them and they tell me to call code enforcement as they are the ones who enforce the code. Which makes a hella lot of sense to me. So I call and leave a message. I think they close today at noon.

    It's been snowing on and off for a few days here. At least with snow I can get traction with my crutches but if it is shoveled it bares the ice and I will go down and I reallly dont want that to happen lol.

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