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Thread: Having a Really Hard Time

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    Fig - I wish you the best. I suffer from depression also but our kitty helps a lot. When I am lying down, he will come and curl up on the bed - a comfort. My knowledge of birds is limited, I have met/known a green and blue macaw, a real character, and a cockatiel, who was both beautiful and friendly, as was the Macaw. I will pray that things get better for you.

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    marion ,

    i'm sorry your depression is so bad and your meds don't seem to be working.

    maybe your doctor would know some place where you could go to get mental health services based on a sliding fee scale or based on whatever your financial situation is.

    i think it's really important to treat depression because if left untreated, it is harder to get back to functioning again. i know from reading that if you can't sleep or get up too early, you might also be suffering from anxiety. depression and anxiety go hand in hand a lot. talk to your doctor about this.

    i empathize with your situation, i've been there. my dogs have helped me when i've been down, but sometimes you need more help.

    take care of yourself!

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    My suggestion is that there are two main possible causes - mood and energy. Figuring out which type may help you to cope.

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    Marion I hope you are feeling better. Not the right thing to call depression but if I started trying to coin a word for depression I would have to say some "bad" words for sure. It makes a person beyond miserable. I hope your days are better and that you could sleep better. I hate to wake up in the early hours because it is so early to do anything. I know for sure that my high spots starts in mid afternoon or later. yep I feel like a slug uintil then.n take care and I hope you have plans for the holiday. we don't but that is alright, as I get older, quiet is ok with me.

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    hope you are feeling better today! pati

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