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Thread: are ocd people extra violent?

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    Default are ocd people extra violent?

    i think ive heard twice on TV stuff like" killer Adam lansa had ocd and thats why... blah blah

    or on TV show criminal minds or some show they say"the suspect probably has ocd"

    i say they're full of crap

    then in movie "as good as it gets" the guy is an anti semite
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    hi clouds, well I say people wil say anything and withoutg thinking or knowing or even caring. ocd or not I think is just a name given and so not to think twice about it. folks should know the golden rule, do unto others etc. in other words be nice and hopefully be treated nice in turn.

    or yep, full of crap, LOL.

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    hi Clouds z and joy. Well, so many things are given names and they really have no idea what they mean. Ask 10 people what OCD means and I doubt you get 9 correct answers, eh?

    I read a book while I was sitting in the waiting room of my shrinks office many years ago. Wonder if the booklet has changed the meaning of OCD after all these years.

    I'm not making light of what you asked, Clouds Z . Guess I was just thinking about labels, I hate it when people stick labels on words when they know not what they are talking about.

    Good to see you both this bright sunny day. I hope you both enjoy it.

    my love, Julia
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