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Thread: Almost thrown off the bus today with my service dog!

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    Red face Almost thrown off the bus today with my service dog!

    Today I was riding the bus as I do every Thursday with Aimus my service animal. When I boarded the bus to go home I paid my fair to the driver and he asked "what kind of dog is he?". Now Aimus wears a blue vest with patches that identify him as; medical alert animal, please don't pet me I'm working, St Francis Service dog. This driver will ask me every time and insist I tell him what he does for me. Well if he was the only one listening that would be alright with me but he will ask me in front of all the riders. I said to him "I told you last time" and sat down he then said "get off my bus you are not riding". I refused to leave my seat and he threatened to call the police and he did. Another bus driver came on the bus and told me to get off. I said to him I have not done anything wrong to be told I can't ride. The police officer came and said for me to get off the bus. I got my wife on my cellphone and she got on the phone at her office with the bus company explaining the situation happening to me. She was speaking with the supervisor about my situation on the bus and they contacted the driver. The situation stopped and the passenger's boarded the police left and we finished the bus ride home. At my stop when I went to get off I stopped at the driver offering my hand and said "I am sorry this had to happen". The driver accepted my hand saying "I am sorry too". Aimus (service dog) and I then got off and left to board another bus. Just a day living with epilepsy.

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